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Those people dealing with substance abuse in Lancaster will be taking an important first step towards future happiness by giving up these substances. It is important to realise though, that given up these substances is often not enough to ensure a good life. It is a vital beginning, but the individual will have more work to do if they want to be successful. Those people who fail to do this extra work can end up dealing with dry drunk syndrome, and this is not a very satisfying way to live.

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The Dry Drunk Explained

To say that a person is a dry drunk is pointing to the reality that they are physically sober, but that in many ways they continue to act as if they were still in the midst of the substance abuse. The symptoms of dry drunk syndrome can include:

  • The individual continues to behave in ways that would be considered unethical.
  • The individual does not feel happy in recovery. In fact they are most likely to view it as similar to serving a prison sentence.
  • The person easily becomes irritated and may become violently angry over small things. It is like this person is on a razor’s edge all the time, and it does not take much to knock them off the edge.
  • People who are dry drunk will be pessimistic about the future. They may not believe that good will happen not matter what they do. This individual will feel that they are doomed to a miserable life, and they may even feel that they deserve it.
  • This person will be negative about most things and tend to see things in black and white. They can also be very judgemental of other people.

It is vital that people from Lancaster avoid dry drunk syndrome so that they can enjoy their recovery.

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