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There may be some people living in Bolton who are more likely to need addiction treatment than others. It does seem that certain individuals are predisposed to this type of condition. This could be because of genetic factors or that they experienced some type of severe emotional trauma. Another common reason for why people in Bolton might fall into this type of condition is that they have an addictive personality.

What is the Addictive Personality?

It is important to make clear right away that these ideas about the addictive personality do not form an exact science. It is perfectly possible that an individual would not fit the profile of this type of personality yet they still end up dealing with an addiction problem. All that this theory is really trying to do is to provide a set of characteristics that will usually be associated with substance abuse. Some individuals will only have some of these characteristics which include:

  • Substance abusers tend to act impulsively. This means that they do things first of all and then worry about the consequences later on.
  • This type of person will often find it hard to delay gratification. They do not understand the concept that it can be more satisfying to sacrifice in order to get bigger rewards.

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  • Many substance abusers will have low self esteem. This explains how they become willing to put up with the pain of addiction. The person will often believe that this is a life that they deserve.
  • Most substance abusers are prone to behaving in ways that would be considered reckless. They are risk takers to the extreme.
  • Many of these individuals will be prone to attention seeking behaviours.
  • The person may be dealing with symptoms of depression or anxiety.
  • They will have a high tolerance for rule breaking.

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