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A rising number of people in Scotland are falling victim to prescription medication abuse, and this is even impacting places like Carluke. The problem with this type of addiction is that the individual can feel very isolated and embarrassed by their problem. They do not usually fit the stereotype of the average drug user so this means that they can feel that the addiction treatment options are not for them. In many instances those people in Carluke who are dealing with this type of addiction will benefit from some time in drug clinic, but they may resist this because it seems to extreme.

The Reality of Prescription Medication Addiction

Those individuals who fall into prescription medication addiction will often take a path that is different than other types of substance abuser. This is because in the beginning the individual will have had very good reasons for taking these substances. It will usually be under orders from their GP, and they will be taking the medication to treat real symptoms. The problems begin to occur when the individual begins taking these addictive substances for purposes other than what they were prescribed for. For example, the individual stops taking their opiate pain killers for their pain and starts using it because they like the effect. The individual can quickly become hooked, and they then become willing to behave unethically in order to get their hands on more of this medication. It is a downward spiral from here.

Featured Carluke Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

There are a growing number of people who are entering rehab because of prescription medication addiction. This is a place where they can overcome their problems and begin rebuilding their life. The time spent in this facility will not only help the person break their dependence on prescription medication; it will also help the individual to prevent similar behaviour returning in the future.

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