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There can be a stigma associated with entering an alcohol and drug rehab, and this may be why people in New Galloway may feel hesitant about making such a move. The person may be worried about what other people will think and how it is going to impact their future. The reality is that these fears are usually grossly exaggerated, and may even just be an excuse for the person to not get the help they need. It is important to keep in mind that if the individual does not manage to break away from their addiction their future is going to be bleak anyway.

Fears of the Rehab Stigma

There are many reasons for why people in New Galloway should not allow fear of the stigma of rehab prevent them from getting the help they need including:

  • Things are unlikely to be anywhere near as bad as the person expects. Most people will be just happy to hear that the individual is getting their life back on track. It is common for substance abusers to overestimate their own ability to fool other people – these other individuals are likely to be already aware of what is going on.
  • When people end their addiction it greatly increases their chances of success in life. This means that it will greatly improve their reputation rather than harming it.

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  • Another thing that the person needs to realise is that they can go into this type of facility anonymously in some cases. This is particularly possible if the person chooses a private rehab. It is even possible for the person to go to another part of the UK (or even abroad) and just tell people that they are going on holiday. It won’t even be a lie.

If people are really worried about the stigma of rehab they can contact us here and we will be happy to discuss these concerns.

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