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Rehabilitation clinics can be the best option for people in Kirkcudbright who are having a problem controlling their alcohol or drug intake. None of these types of facilities can guarantee success, but they can make this more likely to happen though. The purpose of this type of facility is not just to help the person to stop drinking or drug using, but to help them to begin changing into the type of person they really want to be. Without such help it is often the case that the individual will stop the substance abuse (at least temporarily), but they continue to behave badly. This is often referred to as dry drunk syndrome.

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What is Dry Drunk Syndrome?

Dry drunk syndrome can not only affect people who used to abuse alcohol but also any type of substance abuser. It refers to a situation where a person is physically sober, but they still continue to act in much the same way as they always did. In Alcoholics Anonymous they talk about people who have not had a drink in years but have still not managed to become sober. The dangers of dry drunk syndrome for people in Kirkcudbright would include:

  • If people are like this in recovery it will prevent them from finding happiness. The individual will view rehab and their life in recovery as similar to prison – sobriety becomes a life sentence to be endured rather than a new freedom to be enjoyed.
  • The behaviour of this person will continue to be bad, and this means that friends and family will continue to suffer.
  • The individual will be a bad influence on other people who are trying to break away from addiction. Their cynicism can be particularly damaging to newcomers, and these individuals tend to enjoy spreading their negative views about the world and sobriety.

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