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Addiction help for people in Dalbeattie is available when the individual has reached a point where they are ready to quit. There are a number of different treatment options available, but if the individual has been addicted for a number of years it will usually be recommended that they enter some type of detox clinic or rehab. For people in Dalbeattie dealing with an addiction problem the idea of this type of in-patient program can be very unappealing. They may resist this treatment option even though it could be the one thing that really helps them to quit the addiction.

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Introversion and Rehab Resistance

A common reason for why people will resist going to rehab is that they do not like to spend much time around other people. This preference for being alone may be because the person is naturally an introvert or because their addiction has forced them into a life where they prefer to be alone. No matter what the reason for this preference for solitude it does not mean that the individual will struggle in rehab. In fact the individual may even find that they enjoy the experience. Here are just a few reasons for why introverts dealing with addiction should choose this type of facility:

  • The benefits of this type of program make any initial discomfort worth it. This is only going to be a few weeks out of the person’s life, and sharing space with other people is unlikely to be anywhere near as bad as the person expects.
  • The fact that the individual is an introvert can actually be of benefit to them in rehab. It means that they will be naturally good at the introspection that is involved in this type of program.
  • Those individuals who can afford private rehab will be able to enjoy more privacy.

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