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Treatment for alcohol and drug addiction needs to involve learning how to avoid the common relapse triggers. These refer to the things that can happen in recovery that will make the individual more at risk of returning to addiction. It is vital that anyone in Castle Douglas who is trying to break away from addiction is not only aware of these triggers, but that they also have strategies for how to deal with them. One of the most effective ways that a person can prepare for these future challenges will be for them to spend some time in alcohol and drug rehab.

What are Relapse Triggers?

Relapse triggers are things that people in Castle Douglas are likely to experience in early recovery that are likely to put them at risk of returning to alcohol or drug abuse. As people remain sober long term they will get better at dealing with these triggers, but they can be particularly tricky in the beginning.  The most common relapse triggers that people need to be aware of would include:

  • If people are feeling hungry they can mistake this for cravings for alcohol. They will also be more moody and likely to do something impulsive when they are hungry.
  • Anger is one of the most dangerous relapse triggers because it means that the individual will be out of control.
  • Loneliness is another trigger that can have people reaching for alcohol or drugs.
  • If people are tired they will also be less able to fight the cravings of alcohol.

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These four relapse triggers are usually remembered using the acronym HALT. Other relapse triggers would include:

  • Dishonest or unethical behaviour.
  • Turning to other maladaptive behaviours – example work or exercise addiction.
  • Becoming overconfident or complacent. Taking things for granted in recovery is usually a big mistake.

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