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Rehabilitation centres can be the wisest option for people in Kinross who are battling against an alcohol or drug addiction. These facilities will provide the individual with the tools they are going to need in order to negotiate early recovery. They will also help the person to begin to look at some of the reasons for why they fell into addiction in the first place. This is important information to have because unless the individual is able to get to the root of their problem they will be at risk of developing other maladaptive behaviours. The type of drug counselling that people in Kinross will get when they enter rehab is highly recommended for this reason.

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Causes of Addition

There are many possible reasons for why people may fall into addiction. If these causes are still there after the person becomes sober it may lead to relapse or new maladaptive behaviours. Some of the usual causes for addiction will include:

  • Some people are struggling to cope in life when they find alcohol or drugs. This could be because they lack confidence or just feel alienated. In the beginning substance abuse can seem to be helping – even though it ultimately makes things worse.
  • There are some people who fall into addiction because of self medication. These are usually people who are dealing with the symptoms of an undiagnosed mental health problem. By taking alcohol and drugs the individual may initially get relief from their symptoms.
  • It is common for people who become substance abusers to grow up in an environment where this behaviour is considered normal.
  • The individual may be genetically predisposed to this type of behaviour.
  • Those people who have suffered from emotional or physical trauma can turn to alcohol and drugs for comfort.

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