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Those people in Stonehaven who are caught up in addiction will usually have to hit some type of rock bottom before they become willing to consider a rehab centre or other addiction treatment options. This should not be taken to mean that this individual will need to lose everything before they are ready for help because this is rarely the case. It is vital that the person does not take the term rock bottom too literally because the end of the line is death, and there is no recovery from this. The sooner the person in Stonehaven is able to break away from their addiction the better it will be for them.

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Importance of Rock Bottom for Addiction Recovery

It can take a good deal of suffering for the individual caught in addiction to appreciate their situation. Once the individual is able to accept that they need to stop drinking or using drugs then this means that they have already hit rock bottom. In many cases the individual may have lost relatively little before they have reached this point. They have seen the writing on the wall, and this means that they can enjoy a high rock bottom. There are other people who delay getting help because they believe that they need to lose more. This is a misunderstanding of the term rock bottom.

The idea of hitting rock bottom is highly subjective and it will always be up to the individual to decide when they have reached this point. Once they do become ready to stop the person does not need to wait for anything else to happen. The sooner the individual is able to break away from addiction the better it will be for them so they should be aiming for a high rock bottom rather than a low one.

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