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When people from Laurencekirk enter drug or alcohol rehab clinics it will be best if they have a special type of attitude where they are entirely ready to change and learn as much as they can. This desired attitude is often referred to as beginner’s mind. It means that the individual seems themselves as lacking in knowledge, but willing to gain the information they need. If people from Laurencekirk do not have this type of outlook when they enter a detox centre it will benefit them from getting the most out of the experience.

What is meant by Beginner’s Mind?

When people fall into addiction they will usually develop all types of unhelpful ideas that they use to justify their behaviour. This individual is likely to have many opinions and beliefs that are wrong, and that are holding them back in life. It is therefore vital that the person is humble enough to let go of these mistaken ideas. This is what it means to develop a beginner’s mind. The opposite of this would be that the individual believes that they already have all the answers so they have no need to learn anything new. This is the worst type of attitude that a person can bring with them into rehab.

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Having a beginner’s mind does not mean believing in everything that is said or being gullible. It just means keeping an open mind and being willing to give things a try. It means that the individual is not allowing their preconceived ideas and opinions to get in the way of them obtaining the information they need to improve their life. This type of attitude is something that can benefit the person even after they have left the drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre. If this becomes a lifetime attitude it can mean an almost constant adventure in life.

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