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If a single phone call could give you access to free services that could change your life forever, would you make that call? It turns out that you can, if you are dealing with drug or alcohol abuse issues. Here in Tonbridge, Addiction Helper assists people just like you; people who are battling with addiction or substance abuse. Our 24-hour helpline is available free of charge and by calling now, you could soon be accessing the drug and alcohol rehab in Tonbridge that could help change your life.

This should be great news whether you are a substance abuser or concerned about someone else who is. You no longer have to continue living under the control of drugs or alcohol when help is so readily available. With just one phone call, you or the person you are concerned about could be well on the way to recovery with help from providers of alcohol or drug rehab in Tonbridge or beyond.

How do we help? First, we provide everyone who calls with a confidential assessment that we use to determine the severity of the abuse or addiction problem. Next, we recommend treatment facilities and rehab programmes that will work best in the given situation. Finally, we answer all of the individual’s questions and assist in accessing the treatment options he or she chooses. We can do all this for you at no charge.

What Treatments Are Provided by Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Tonbridge?

There are a number of different options for rehab in Tonbridge. Some of our clients will choose to start with the programmes offered by the NHS. These programmes are based on an outpatient model and are administered in conjunction with services provided by local charities and support groups. However, bear in mind that NHS programmes usually involve waiting times and delays. What the NHS provides is not appropriate for everyone.

Another option is residential rehab at a private clinic. This type of rehab is much more concentrated and focused. Treatments are provided by experienced doctors, nurses, therapists, and support staff. Moreover, because treatment is provided in a residential environment, recovering addicts are free from the distractions of everyday life. This allows for recovery in the shortest time possible.

Which is better for you, outpatient treatment or residential drug or alcohol rehab in Tonbridge? There is no way to know until you receive the proper assessment. We can provide that assessment as soon as you call our recovery helpline. Our caring and compassionate counsellors are standing by and ready to speak with you right now.

We Want to Help You Find Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Tonbridge

Your alcohol and drug rehab in Tonbridge can begin as soon as you are ready. Please understand that there are dozens of individuals standing by and ready to help you get better. That is our goal here at Addiction Helper, and it’s a goal shared by all of the professionals who work at the private rehab clinics we refer to. Together we all want to see you overcome substance abuse or addiction once and for all.

We offer referrals and admission assistance in all areas of the UK. Furthermore, our services are fully confidential. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by calling our addiction recovery helpline. We will never discuss anything you tell us with a third party without your express consent and you do not have to worry about loved ones finding out that you have been in contact with us; they will only know if you tell them.

If you call us now, we can provide you with a full assessment of your situation, which will take various factors into consideration. Our advisors will ask questions about your history of substance abuse and the type of substances you are using now. They will also ask about how often you use this substance and how much you use. The reason they ask these questions is to get a clearer picture of what you are dealing with and what your treatment requirements might be.

Other factors that will determine the type of programme that will work best for you will be your personal and work commitments, your general mental and physical health, your budget, and your personal preferences. Once we have completed this assessment, we can provide you with several treatment options. We will answer any queries you may have regarding these providers and the programmes they offer.

Featured Tonbridge Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

What Is Rehab in Tonbridge Like?

Rehab in Tonbridge is similar to rehab everywhere else in the United Kingdom. It is provided by various organisations and consists of detox, rehabilitation, and aftercare. Detox is necessary for those with a physical addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is the process designed to separate the individual from the substance to which he or she is addicted.

Detox programmes can be complicated and there is always the risk of severe withdrawal symptoms. It is for this reason that we recommend that clients complete this process under careful supervision in a dedicated facility. We can provide recommendations and referrals to suitable detox facilities across the country.

Once a detox has been completed, the process of rehabilitation can begin. Rehab takes place in either an inpatient or outpatient facility. With an inpatient programme, patients will not have to worry about everyday life for the duration of their programme. They can instead focus on their recovery while spending every day in counselling and therapy sessions with the support of a team of dedicated professionals.

Outpatient programmes are far less intensive as these take place on a day care basis. These programmes are ideally suited to those who have plenty of support at home and whose addiction is not so severe.

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