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With every sunrise and sunset, there are individuals passing the days in Gillingham with drugs and alcohol. Despite being not particularly large, Gillingham is certainly not free of the scourge of substance abuse and addiction. Here at Addiction Helper, we want to do our part to make things better. We offer a 24-hour addiction recovery helpline you can call free of charge. As part of our service, we can put you in touch with providers of drug and alcohol rehab in Gillingham where you can access various treatments designed to help you overcome this illness once and for all.

We know it might be difficult for you to talk about your problem with strangers. However, talking about it is one of the first steps to overcoming addiction. If you are willing to open up and be honest, we can help you figure out how serious your battle with drugs or alcohol is. We can also help you find and access the best alcohol and drug rehab in Gillingham. With just one phone call, you could be on that road to recovery today.

Don’t Let Fear Stop You Accessing Drug or Alcohol Rehab

At Addiction Helper, we have counselled enough people to know that fear is a big part of overcoming addiction. It is completely normal to be afraid of the future when you are struggling with drugs and alcohol. It is normal to be concerned about what your friends and family will think of you. It is normal to be terrified of failing in your recovery. However, please do not let your fear stop you from getting the help you need from providers of rehab in Gillingham.

Excellent treatment options are available in your area. We know because we make it our business to keep track of who is offering rehab in any given location. We have access to private clinics, local charities and other providers of alcohol and drug rehab in Gillingham and beyond. We can locate a great treatment programme for you too.

Your first step is to admit you need help. It can be hard to do, but it is necessary. After completing that step, the next thing to do is pick up the phone and call Addiction Helper. Let us provide you with a comprehensive assessment that will help you understand how severe your problem is. We will even help you get into a treatment programme if you are ready to go.

Should You Choose Residential Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Gillingham?

Addiction Helper works with a number of private clinics offering excellent residential treatment. If you are looking for drug or alcohol rehab in Gillingham, this might be the right option for you. Residential treatment offers a number of advantages you will not find with the NHS or other outpatient service providers.

The key to residential treatment is separating you from your day-to-day routine. Doing so frees you up to concentrate all of your energies on getting well. You will not be distracted by that old lifestyle you are used to, so you will be fully focused on creating a new life free of addictive substances. We know residential treatment works because we have seen it for ourselves. If it’s not right for you, there are other options to choose from.

Residential programmes tend to be provided by private clinics and, as such, there is a cost involved. We understand that the idea of paying for private treatment may put some people off, but look at it this way; you are already spending large chunks of money funding your drug or alcohol addiction. Wouldn’t it serve you better to spend that money on getting better instead?

You should also consider the other costs of addiction. As well as the impact it is undoubtedly having on your financial situation, it could be negatively affecting your relationships with those you love and the people you work with. If you allow your addiction to spiral out of control, you could find yourself in a situation where your friends and family do not want to spend time with you and your colleagues do not want to work with you.

Your health will also deteriorate the longer you are abusing chemical substances. If you do not get help as soon as possible, you could find yourself struggling with long-term damage to your mental and physical health. Surely, it would benefit you in the long run to get help with your addiction now, rather than continuing with a cycle of addiction until a free place becomes available?

Many private clinics offer payment plans and in some instances, government funding may be available. Addiction Helper can help you to find a treatment programme that not only meets your needs but also your budget. Call us now for more information.

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Why You Should Commit to Rehab in Gillingham Now?

Each day that you delay is a day that you are never going to get back. We know that taking that first step on the road to recovery is often the hardest one to take, but once you do, you will notice a massive change in your outlook. You will know that you can get better with the help and support of services like ours and the people you love.

Many of our advisors have their own experiences with addiction and recovery and can provide you with information, advice, and first-hand accounts of what the process is like. These individuals are living proof that it is possible to overcome addiction.

They are now living life to the full and want to help others beat their addictions too. If you want to put your days of substance abuse behind you, get in touch today. You can speak to one of our advisors about what to do next in terms of getting the help you need. We are waiting to hear from you.

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