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The one thing that most people need to learn if they ever have to enter drug or alcohol rehab in Folkestone is how to avoid relapse. This is vital knowledge for early recovery because it is in this area where people will often go wrong. There is usually plenty of evidence that the person is at risk of a return to alcohol or drugs, but if they do not know how to spot the warning signs they may miss them. It is not only vital that people in rehab learn how to spot the relapse process, but that they also have strategies in place for how to deal with it.

The good news is that with alcohol and drug rehab in Folkestone, relapse prevention is a key element of the recovery process. Because if the individual is unsure of how to prevent relapse, it will mean that their recovery is always going to be on shaky ground. The tools that they will need to learn in this regard will include:

  • Understanding all the common relapse triggers and this includes the main ones like hunger, anger, loneliness, and tiredness (remembered by the acronym HALT) as well as the less known ones. Once the individual knows the relapse triggers they will be able to avoid them.
  • Recognising the symptoms of being caught in the relapse process. This refers to a set of stages that people tend to pass through on their way to a return to alcohol or drugs. Each individual will not experience the relapse process the same way but there will usually be signs.
  • Having a strategy for preventing themselves from relapsing. This will be a list of things that they will need to do when they feel close to drinking or drug taking again. There is no real point in being able to spot the warning signs of relapse if they individual is unable to do anything with the information.

How to Make the Most of Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Folkestone?

There is no doubt that it is possible to overcome addiction alone and that not everyone is going to need alcohol or drug rehab in Folkestone or other parts of the UK. However, the reality is that affected people will need this professional help if they are to recover fully.

Those who do go it alone will be on shaky ground and will be much more vulnerable to relapse. The reason for this is that they are only dealing with the physical aspect of the illness and have not addressed the issues that caused it in the first place.

No matter how much you may resist the idea of drug or alcohol rehab in Folkestone, it is a good idea to consider the possibility that with it you could be looking forward to a healthy new life with the people you love. Doesn’t this appeal to you? Don’t you want to live a life where you are no longer a slave to your addiction?

Well if you make the most of rehab in Folkestone, that life could be yours. All you need to do is commit to the programme and listen to those who are there to help you. They have experience and knowledge in this area and will work tirelessly to help you. All they want from you is co-operation and a willingness to make the changes necessary for a substance-free life.

Who Provides Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Folkestone?

Just as in every other part of the United Kingdom, rehab in Folkestone is provided by a number of different organisations. Charities, local counsellors, local support groups, the NHS, and private clinics all operate in and around your area; with our help, we could match you to the one that meets your needs in a matter of minutes. Below is some more information about the type of programmes each organisation provides:

  • The NHS – The NHS funds outpatient programmes for those struggling with various addictions, but these programmes are severely underfunded and the service is unable to fulfil the demand. As such, many patients continue to abuse drugs and alcohol while they wait for treatment.
  • Charities – Charities work hard across the UK to fill the void left by underfunded NHS services. Many of these organisations have been set up by former addicts who want to give something back to their communities. They are also often staffed by those who have their own experience of addiction. Charities tend to provide outpatient programmes for the most part, but some do have a small capacity for residential patients.
  • Local Counsellors – Local counsellors can be privately or publicly funded and offer outpatient counselling services. Patients are usually referred here by their GP or through services such as Addiction Helper.
  • Local Support Groups – An additional resource available to addicts is their local support group where they can access regular meetings with other recovering addicts. These services have proved instrumental in helping millions of people around the world to maintain their sobriety.
  • Private Clinics – Private clinics usually provide inpatient programmes with a team of multi-disciplined staff to cater to every individual need. These clinics offer intensive programmes over one to two months to give patients a head start on the road to recovery.

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Choosing the Best Rehab in Folkestone

With so many options in terms of treatment, it can be difficult to know which one will work best for you. The good news is that this is where we come in. We can quickly assess your situation and your needs and then match you to a provider that we believe will best meet those requirements.

We will look at several factors such as the type of substance you are using and how often. We will also ask about your overall health, your commitments at home, and your finances. We can then make sure that any recommendations we make are suitable.

If you would like more information on the recovery process, call us now via our dedicated helpline. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us through our website and we will call you. If you have any queries about your addiction and how to overcome it, we are happy to be of assistance.

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