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Most people who live in Faversham drink alcohol in moderation. They regularly stick to the Government’s recommended weekly allowance of fourteen units and hardly ever drink to the point of intoxication. But there are some who have allowed their alcohol use to spiral out of control and who are in need of alcohol rehab in Faversham.

However, it is not just alcohol that affects the lives of those living in Faversham. There are many individuals who live in the market town whose lives are being destroyed by a crippling addiction to illegal drugs or prescription medication. For those who find themselves in the grip of a drug addiction, drug rehab in Faversham is available. Addiction Helper works hard to ensure that these services can be quickly and easily accessed by those who need them.

Is Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Faversham Something You Need?

It is easier for most to comprehend the need for rehab in Faversham and other parts of the UK when the substance being abused is something like heroin or cocaine. Nevertheless, when the addiction is relating to alcohol or prescription medication, it can be harder to understand the harm that can be caused.

Since alcohol is a legal substance, most do not see it as harmful. The same can be said of prescription medication. The fact that doctors prescribe it to treat medical conditions gives the impression that it is completely safe.

The reality, however, is that both alcohol and prescription medication are highly addictive and can be harmful when abused. Nevertheless, knowing what constitutes abuse of these substances is often where the problem lies. Drinking more than the Government’s recommended weekly alcohol allowance of fourteen units is classed as abuse, as is drinking a full week’s allowance on one day of the week. In terms of prescription medication, those who take drugs prescribed for another person are guilty of abuse, as are those who increase their dosage without instruction from a medical professional.

If you believe you have been guilty of substance abuse, then you may need alcohol or drug rehab in Faversham. If your substance use has been causing negative consequences for you or your loved ones, you could really benefit from such treatment. Call Addiction Helper today for help and advice regarding addiction treatment in your area.

What Is Rehab in Faversham Like?

Drug and alcohol rehab in Faversham includes options for both paid and free treatment. It is provided by the NHS, charities, local support groups, local counsellors, and private clinics, among others. With so many options, it can be difficult to know which type of programme is best suited to your requirements. The good news is that this is why we are here. We can tell you all about rehab in Faversham and what you can expect. We can also match you to the most suitable treatment provider based on your individual needs and circumstances.

With that in mind, you might want to know a little bit more about what rehab is like and what you can expect. For most affected individuals, the recovery journey begins with a detoxification. This process can be carried out at home or in a dedicated facility. Addiction Helper always advises clients to avoid a detox at home if possible and instead opt for the comfort and safety of a dedicated facility where they will be taken care of and monitored throughout.

After detox, comes rehabilitation, which is where you will have many choices to make. The type of programme that you choose should be one that meets your treatment needs, your personal preferences, your individual circumstances, and your budget. This is something we can easily help you with.

In terms of preference, you will have to decide what type of programme you would prefer. This will be a choice between an inpatient and an outpatient programme. Nonetheless, please note that even those with a firm preference for one type of programme over the other may find that their preference is not an appropriate choice. For example, you may really want to have your treatment in an outpatient facility but will be advised against this because your home life is far too chaotic.

Featured Faversham Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Let Us Help You Find Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Faversham

When it comes to finding the right treatment programme, there is a lot to think about. Searching for a programme to meet your needs when you are not even sure what those requirements are can be a challenge. With our help, you can access the treatment you need quickly and easily.

We know which providers specialise in the various types of addiction while our network of contacts means we can put you in touch with the right rehab programme in mere minutes. All you need to do is get in touch with us so that we can start working on your behalf. Before you do though, there are a few things you should know about us.

Firstly, we are a referral organisation working with organisations in both the public and the private sector. Secondly, our priority is the best interests of the client. This means that no matter what your circumstances, we will find the right provider for you. We will not try to match you up to a rehab provider for monetary gain.

Thirdly, our service is completely confidential. We do not discuss your situation with third parties without your consent, and we will not speak to members of your family without your permission. No one will know you have been in touch with us unless you tell them.

Finally, our service is free. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by getting in touch with us. In fact, you really do have a lot to gain. We can assess your situation to determine if you have a need for addiction services and what those needs are. We can match you to a suitable provider in minutes should you wish, and if you require help with the admissions process, we can assist.

For more information about our free and confidential service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us right now.

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