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In the town of Deal in Kent, problems such as alcohol and drug abuse affect many local residents. Substance abuse is responsible for poor health, reduced income, and relationship struggles. With all these problems affecting an individual and those closest to him or her, it is easy to understand why addiction is often referred to as a family illness. However, it is more than just a family illness; this is an illness that affects entire communities and the economy; as such, services such as drug and alcohol rehab in Deal are becoming ever more important.

Violent crime is often carried out by those under the influence of mood-altering substances, and the victims of these crimes tend to require treatment in NHS hospitals. This avoidable burden on the NHS and the policing services affects every single taxpayer in the country. The cost of treating and policing substance-related illnesses and crime costs the UK economy billions of pounds every single year. Nevertheless, with alcohol and drug rehab in Deal and elsewhere, the situation for everyone could be improved.

Reaching Out for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Deal

There are many people already receiving treatment from providers of alcohol and drug rehab in Deal and beyond, but there are also countless others who have not yet accessed the help they need. There are many reasons affected individuals tend to be reluctant to reach out for help.

For some, the idea of needing rehab in Deal or anywhere else is ludicrous. It may be that they have an addiction to alcohol but are unable to see their consumption as harmful. This is common among those who abuse alcohol. Drinking alcohol is something these individuals have always done and they cannot even comprehend the fact that their consumption levels could be causing harm in their lives. They may still believe that alcohol is the only thing that makes their life better.

Others do not reach out for help simply because they do not know where to look; or that they are afraid of admitting the truth. This is also quite common. There are many people who know that they require rehab in Deal or wherever else in the country they live but do not want to admit the truth for fear of what others will say or think about them. They would rather pretend that everything is fine.

Do You Need Rehab in Deal?

If this all sounds familiar to you, then we urge you to get in touch with us right now. If a loved one has suggested that drug or alcohol rehab in Deal would be something you might benefit from but you disagree, we also encourage you to call us.

Many of our clients got in touch with us initially as they were urged to do so by a concerned loved one. Despite believing that they did not require our help, they gave us a call to prove to themselves and their loved one that they were right. In most cases, they were not.

It is difficult for those affected by addiction to spot the signs and symptoms in themselves. More often than not, relatives will notice that something is amiss and will eventually pluck up the courage to raise their concerns with their family member or friend. What often happens is these concerns are met with angry denials or defensiveness.

It can take a while before the addict is ready to accept the seriousness of his or her situation, but our trained advisors and counsellors can help clients to realise that they would benefit from professional help.

We can evaluate your situation to determine if you do have a need for rehab; if so, we can put you in touch with a provider that will meet your needs. Our service is completely confidential – we will not contact your loved ones to tell them that you have been in touch, and we will never discuss anything you tell us with a third party without your permission.

What we can promise you is that if you do need help for addiction, we will be there to offer guidance and support. We can help you come to terms with your need for professional help and will discuss all your options with you. If you feel ready to move on to treatment, we will recommend a treatment provider that will meet your requirements and circumstances.

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How Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Deal Could Change Your Life?

If you have been struggling with drug or alcohol addiction for some time, it is likely that parts of your life have been negatively affected. Your health has possibly deteriorated, and even if this is not clearly obvious at the moment, it is likely that your drinking or drug taking is inflicting a lot of damage on your body.

Alcohol affects almost every cell in the body while drugs can also have a major impact on health. Hundreds of illness have been linked to both alcohol and drug abuse, and various organs and systems in the body will be negatively affected with regular substance abuse.

It is not just physical health that is affected by substance abuse, though. Heavy drinking and drug taking can lead to chronic depression, memory loss, and confusion. There is also the risk of other mental health problems such as schizophrenia, paranoia, and dementia.

The effects of substance abuse on physical and mental health can never be understated, but there are other negative consequences too. Those who abuse such substances will inevitably find it difficult to maintain healthy relationships with family members, friends, and work colleagues – substance abuse has a habit of taking over and getting in the way of these relationships.

Those who decide to get help for their addiction can look forward to a change in their circumstances. A substance-free life means a life where enjoyment can be taken from activities and hobbies. It means learning to love yourself once more and rebuilding relationships with loved ones. And, for most, it means a marked improvement in health. Isn’t this something you want? If so, call us here at Addiction Helper right now.

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