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Custom Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Kent

If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction or needs help containing a substance abuse issue, you can benefit from the treatment services offered within the various Kent alcohol and drug rehabs. Local addiction services we are passionate about recovery. The therapists can help you to face the past, present and future and to move forward free from addiction.

How Does Addiction Begin?

When you drink alcohol or take drugs the brain releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine stimulates the ‘reward circuits’ of the brain. Over time, this becomes a fixed association. When this happens, the self-control and decision-making neurological processes in the brain are affected. Hence, using becomes compulsive.

If you are suffering from addiction you may have experienced the terrible phenomenon of using against your will. The nature of addiction is that you will experience an overriding impulse to continue using, despite the harm it is causing.

In many ways you are not responsibly for your illness when you are in active addiction, but you can take responsibility for your recovery. If you live in Kent, or want to get treatment in this area, many alcohol and drug rehab clinics are available to take you, or your loved one, right away.

How to Get into Recovery?

Addressing your illness as promptly as possible is the best approach. Addiction is often a progressive illness and over time you may begin to experience more and more extreme consequences. Experts agree that the best form of treatment is residential drug and alcohol rehab.

Residential rehab provider in the Kent area are working throughout the day, all days of the week to help people, such as you and your loved ones, to beat addiction.

Deciding to Go to Rehab in Kent

Deciding to enter rehab is the most important step. It can feel stressful having to take time off from work and family and other outside environments and issues. We can help you with planning, so that you enter treatment able to focus fully on your recovery.

What Treatment Do the Kent Rehabs Offer?

We partner with various services in the Kent area that are equipped to treat alcohol addiction, drug addiction – both street and prescription drugs – and other behavioural addicitions or disorders. From eating disorders to co-occurring illnesses such as anxiety and depression, suitable treatment is tailored to help the recovery process.

In all reliable, trustworthy Kent rehabs, a team of addiction specialists will work together to devise an integrated service of medical treatments, individual and group therapy and complimentary therapy for you. Addiction is treated on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

What Addiction Treatments Are There?

Drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Kent work with the belief that treating addiction as a multifaceted illness is the best approach to healing completely. They will address your illness – medically, mentally, physically and emotionally. This is a proven, working method for breaking the cycle of addiction and relapse.

There is a number of clinics in Kent which offer fast treatment and long-term support as the best way to treat addiction. Through such services you can stop existing in addiction and start living your real, healthy and successful life.

What Is the Standard Addiction Rehab Programme?

Let us tell you, there is no one-size-fits-all in rehab. Regardless of your location, good healing comes with a tailored, bespoke treatment plan. The therapies and treatments included in it will include intensive and structured research-based components:

  • Full Medical Detox (where needed)
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Complementary therapies
  • Family Therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Gender Groups
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Healthy Eating
  • After care
  • Meditation

Each client is carefully assessed and your treatment plan is tailored to your specific needs and goals. There will be dedicated staff on-site 24 hours a day to help you and your family heal the damaging effects of addiction.

Does Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Kent Include Meditation?

Your spiritual helath is important for your psychologoical health. Current research shows that practicing meditation positively affects our mental health while at the same time reduces the risk of developing related physical diseases. Mindfulness is a great asset to wellbeing. Meditation can help with:

  • Stress reduction
  • Anixiety and depression
  • Cultivating peace of mind
  • Self-acceptance
  • Recognising and understanding our thought patterns

With the successful mindful approach, you will learn how to live a life of positivity and appreciation of yourself and your relationships, rather than being stuck in a moment of worries about the future problems and dwelling on the past mistakes.

Meditation can be an uncomfortable process. Don’t worry, we practice meditation in short, friendly sessions. It is not required that you have any particular religious belief. A number of Kent-based rehab clinics are inclusive of all people regardless of religion and spiritual beliefs, and adaptable to any spiritual requirements you may have. Of course, when it comes to such questions, you will have to arrange them as part of your initial treatment plan creation process.

How Long Does Addiction Rehabilitation Last?

The length of time you spend in treatment will depend on your particular needs and goals. The detox process usually takes 7-10 days and then the theraeptuic part of the programme often requires an average of a 90-day stay. There may be the option of second- and third-stage care in the form or ‘dry accomodation’ with minimal support from staff following completeion of the primary programme.

Although it may sound frightening, spending a fourth of your year in rehab, you need to understand that without getting away from your usual environment, you risk distractions. Kent is one of the biggest areas in the UK. With a large number of bars, clubs and a lively nightlife, it is highly advised that you try to find a distraciton-free residential rehab clinic, suitable to your needs and desires.

Addiction Myths

Addiction is possibly the most misunderstood of all illnesses. There has been a long history of stigma relating to it. Historically, addicts have been thought of as weak-willed or as morally unacceptable. This has been true of law enforcement agencies and society at large. But with the recognition that addiction is a neurological disorder, things are changing.

Addiction is an illness that it is characterised by an inability to choose to stop using. You have an illness, but you can recover. This is no longer a stigmatised condition, but a health-related and life-theaening disease which needs help and the rigth treatment. Although not all seek help, the number of people who look for it is increasing, working together with rehabs across the UK towards a healthier community.

Featured Kent Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Questions about Addiction You Asked to Our Kent Rehabs

Many of us are uncertain about addiction. Is it okay to ask questions? Could we help our loved ones without getting into a serious argument? It it dangerous enough to worry? This is where addiction experts and advisors are a big help – they can help you understand the severity of your loved ones’ condition and help you find the best rehab treatment in your preferred area, be it Kent or elsewhere.

Am I weak? Is that why I can’t stop using?

You are not weak. You have an illness. Having that illness is not your fault but you can take responsibility for your recovery. When you are ready, help is just a phoen call away.

Why do I need to stay in treatment after detox?

Detox is an important first step but you must address your thinking and behaviour or you may well return to active using. You need to re-wire the neurological pathways in the brain to achieve lasting sobriety. To do this you must embrace change and growth. Continuing treatment into rehab will help you learn the optimal methods to manage risks and fight relapse successfully.

Is process addiction really an addiction?

Process asddictions are addictions which exist without the presence of an outside mood-altering substance.

Rather than being addicted to a substance, people suffering with process addicitons experience powerlessness compulsive behaviours, behaviours like sex, shopping, gambling and eating. They are however linked to the dopamine in our systems – our natural “happiness” substance.

The neurological reward system in a process addiction is triggered the same way as substance addiction. These conditions often experience the same unmaneaibilty, financial consequences and obsessive thinking as do substance addicts. All addictions are neurological illnesses characterised by obsessive compulsive behaviour, despite the desire to stop.

Is drug addiction more serious than alcohol?

Perhaps the fact that alcohol is legal lends it some modicum of respectability as opposed to illegal drugs. In fact, alcohol is considered the most dangerous drug in the UK. The destruction it causes in our lives is much the same as any other drug, like heroin or crack cocaine.

In 2016 rate of alcohol-specific deaths continues to remain unchanged since 2013. It is still higher than that observed 15 years ago. This is about 11.5 deaths per 100,000 people (averaged according to statistics).

Is it bad enough?

Addiction is an equal-opporutnities illness. Yes, there may be a more immediate impact on people coming from a specific backgroun; no section of society is invulnerable. With all, addiction pursuit of the substance or behavious of choice takes over.

The emotional and mental health costs to the addict, and to those whose lives are touched by them are often the hardest to bear. Those are experienced regardless of your financial situation or social status.

Untreated addiction often results in consequences like jailtime, institutionising and death.

Why is residential rehab necessary?

It is important to have a place of safety in which to get sober and heal from your addiction. It is infinitely harder to deal with addiction whilst living in circumstances where your drug of choice is available. Given the right environment you can make positive, lasting changes in your life.

Recovering Alongside Your Family in Kent

We know that addiction is a family disease that can be really hard to bear. We suggest that the family members attend Al-Anon grops in the Kent area. There you will be able to recive support and guidance from other family members of addicts and alcoholics. In addition to this, many rehabs in Kent provide family therapy and we are always at the end of the phone if you need to talk anything through.

Recovery Meetings in Kent

You can find a list of these meetings in the Kent area by looking on the UK Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous websites, or call one of our advisors. During meetings, addicts and alcoholics share ‘experience, strength and hope’ with one another to help each other stay clean and sober. The AA and NA groups will give you a stable, sober community in which you can stay safe, help others and make friends.

What Happens at the End of My Treatment?

Trusted Kent alcoohol and drug rehabs will let you goonly thoroughly equipped with a personalised aftercare plan.

Can help you compile an aftercare programme and choose groups if you who wish to continue therapy with us. We suggest that you stay in contact with the clean and sober friends you have made during treatment, so that the risk of relapse is reduced.

We will also support you into work, and in to appropriate ‘dry’ acocomdation if that is necessary.

Before departure, we will give you information about Kent Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous mmetings which would fit your schedule and needs. These meetings are free and avialble to all; the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using or drinking. You will not have to face your addiction alone anymore. Instead, you can recover within a supportive community of peers.

12 Step Meetings in Kent

AA – Big Book Discussion – Tuesday 20:00 – Stepping Stones House, 38 Mason’s Hill, Bromley

AA – Bromley Common Meeting – Thursday 20:00 – Holy Trinity Church, Church Lane, Bromley

AA – Newcomers Meeting – Sunday 19:30 – 35 London Rd, Bromley

You can get into recovery. You can get clean and sober and change your life.

Please get in touch with our addiction experts if you would like to learn more.

We offer dedicated local treatment across Kent including Maidstone, Faversham, Ditton, Deal, Broadstairs, Canterbury, Bromley, Dover, Folkestone, Greenwich, Rochester, Gillingham, Chatham, Ashford, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Margate, Sevenoaks, Swanley, Swanscombe, Whitstable, Dartford, Gravesend, Sittingbourne, Ramsgate, Tonbridge, Hartley, Hythe, Minster, Northfleet, and Herne Bay.