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Nobody is likely to choose drug and alcohol treatment unless they really need it. The idea of spending time in a rehab facility can be particularly hard to swallow for those individuals who prefer their own company. There are plenty of good reasons though for why the people in Newtonmore who are in need of addiction help will want to consider this option. It can greatly increase their chances of achieving sustained sobriety because it will give them the skills they need to make this a reality. Most people who enter a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre will actually enjoy the experience most of the time, and this can be true even for those individuals who tend to be loners.

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Addiction Recover for the Introvert

Some people are naturally introverted while for others they will have started to prefer solitude as a result of their addiction because they no longer felt comfortable around other people. No matter what the reasons for why the person prefers their own company it does not have to make rehab any less of a viable option because:

• Those individuals who are naturally introverted can actually use this to their advantage in rehab. This is because they will be better able to deal with the introspection that is a critical element of this type of program.
• Those people who can afford private rehab will be able to ensure that they have a bit of privacy during their stay. They will at least have their own room to go to at the end of the day.
• Many of those individuals who become loners as a result of their addiction come out of their shell in rehab.
This type of program can make a real difference to success in recovery and it is important that people in Newtonmore give it serious consideration.

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