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Relapse triggers are something that people dealing with addiction in Kingussie will need to learn about during their stay in drug and alcohol rehab. It is not enough to just know what these are because the person will also need to have strategies for how to deal with them. Those individuals who are not prepared for these obstacles in recovery are the most likely to become a victim of them. This is why it is vital that people from Kingussie who will be going into rehab receive the training they need in this regard.

Common Relapse Triggers to Avoid

The most common relapse triggers that people are likely to face in recover would include:

  • HALT is an acronym for four of the most well known relapse triggers and this refers to hunger, anger, loneliness, or tiredness. When people in early recovery are feeling any of these things their recovery can be on shaky ground so it is vital that they do their best to avoid them.
  • One of the worst things that people can do in early recovery is to take things for granted. In order to remain sober a persistent effort is usually required. It is when people become complacent and let their guard down that they are most likely to relapse.

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  • Another thing that the individual will want to avoid is falling into unethical behaviour. This could include things like lying or cheating. The problem is that this is often a sign that the individual is on the verge of relapse.
  • Unrealistic expectations are one of the most common relapse triggers for people in early recovery. The individual expects things to be great right away and when this does not happen they feel disappointed and then use this as an excuse to relapse. It takes time for things to become right in recovery, and it is vital that the individual is prepared for this.

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