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It is vital that people dealing with addiction in Inverness understand that stopping drinking or using drugs is just the first step in a long process of recovery. The fact that the person has been able to stop the substance abuse does not mean that they are cured and can now look forward to a problem free life. If the individual has the type of attitude they are more likely to end up as a dry drunk than anything else. Stopping alcohol and drugs is a vital first step, but much more will be needed to get the individual to a satisfying life. This is why it is so often recommended that the individual spend some time in a rehab and detox centre because here they will get the skills they need to go on and build their new life.

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The Biggest Trap in Addiction Recovery

It is called dry drunk syndrome but it could equally apply to people who have given up hard drugs or who are trying to break away from prescription medication abuse. It refers to a situation where the individual is physically sober, but in other respects they are behaving much as they always did. The reason why this occurs is that in most instances the addiction will just be a symptom of a wider problem. If all the individual does is deal with one symptom it is unlikely to cure them.

It is vital that people in Inverness who are trying to break away from addiction get to the root of the problem. If they fail to do this it will mean that they either fall into new maladaptive behaviours or they relapse back to their addiction. One of the best things the individual can do to prevent this from happening is to enter rehab so that they can learn how to live a new and sober life.

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