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It is common for people to become ready for drug and alcoholic treatment centres after they have hit rock bottom. It may even be the case that some addicts will wait until they have reached this stage in addiction before even trying to stop. This occurs because the person misunderstands what is meant by the word rock bottom, and they may believe that it means losing everything. It is vital that anyone in St. Ives who is dealing with addiction problems is aware of the real meaning of rock bottom so that they can get the help they need as soon as possible.

Hitting Rock Bottom in St. Ives

There is a great deal of truth in the idea that people need to hit rock bottom in addiction before they will be ready to stop. The problem is that this often gets misunderstood to mean something that it does not. Hitting rock bottom does not mean that the individual has to fall really low in addiction before they will be ready for alcohol and drug treatment centres. All it really means is that the individual has reached a point where they have decided they have had enough. It is therefore possible for the person to hit rock bottom at any stage in the addiction process.

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So rock bottom is a highly subjective thing. It depends solely on the individual deciding that they have had enough.  Many people will not have to lose much at all from their life before they can see the writing on the wall. These high rock bottom people get to walk away from addiction with only a few scrapes and bruises. This is the best time to end and addiction and there is no benefit in falling any lower than this. The sooner the individual can hit their rock bottom they sooner they can begin enjoying their life.

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