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The stereotype of the person who requires drug and alcoholic rehabilitation can be very misleading. Most addicts do not end up losing everything, and it may not even be obvious to those around them that they even have a problem. This is because in the many cases the individual will be a high functioning substance abuser.  It is likely that many of those with addiction problems in Ramsey would fall into this category.

The Dangers of Being a High Functioning Substance Abuser in Ramsey

It can actually be more dangerous for people to be high functioning substance abusers then if they fit in with the stereotype. The reasons for why this is the case would include:

  • High functioning substance abusers are much better at hiding their problems. This means that there will not be the same pressure on them to stop. Even family and friends may be unaware of the extent of the addiction.
  • The high functioning substance abuser can be very successful in life, and they can use this to justify their excesses. They may have a sense of entitlement and they may live by the motto of – work hard, play hard.

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  • This person will usually be better able to afford the substance abuse. This means that they will not have the same financial constraints on them as other addicts. Many of the bad effects of addiction occur when the individual does not have enough money to feed their habit – this holds them back. The person who has lots of money will have nothing to stop them destroying their mental and physical health.
  • The high functioning addict can worry that they have more to lose than the average person by admitting their problems. The individual may worry that it would harm their reputation or even lose them their job.

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