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Addiction Helper Rehab LIVESEARCH shows every Alcohol and Drug Rehab centre in humberside and provides a complete overview of each facility including reviews from previous treatment centre residents.

What remains of Humberside are little more than memories of a ceremonial county that was politically abolished in 1996. Yet the land that made up the county still survives, along with the thousands of residents who live there. The beautiful coastline and interior countryside are as beautiful as they have ever been. Maybe you are unable to fully enjoy this lovely area of England due to a struggle with alcohol, drugs, or compulsive behaviour. If so, we want to help.
Unfortunately, substance abuse and addiction do not discriminate. Anyone can find him/herself in the throes of a troubling problem without understanding what is happening until it is too late. The power of addiction is such that when a person is fully hooked, regaining control is almost impossible without professional help. Perhaps you are visiting our website because you are experiencing this first-hand.

The first thing we can do for you is reassure you that you are not alone. We have helped countless others in similar situations take their lives back by connecting them with a rehab centre. As a referral organisation, Addiction Helper works with treatment providers all across the UK. We can connect you with a private rehab facility, a local charity, professional counsellors, and even NHS-based services. There are enough choices that we can surely find an appropriate treatment for you.

Why You Need Treatment

It has been our experience that most substance abusers and addicts do not fully understand the seriousness of their situations or their need for treatment. We have heard more times than we can count, “I can stop if I want to.” However, the truth is that it is not that easy. Here are five reasons you need treatment if you are suffering from addiction:

  1. Medical Emergency – Attempting to ‘just quit’ on your own could be dangerous. Detox and withdrawal are considered medical emergencies because of the long list of things that could go wrong. This is why we recommend addicts never attempt to go through withdrawal outside of professional, medical supervision.
  2. Withdrawal Symptoms – Getting off drugs or alcohol involves withdrawal symptoms that can be challenging to go through. It is common for drug and alcohol abusers to stop withdrawal prematurely and go back to using because they cannot deal with the symptoms. Professional treatment eases withdrawal symptoms and increases your chances of success.
  3. Relationships – The person who continues abusing drugs or alcohol long enough does irreparable harm to personal relationships. We cannot tell you how many people we have talked to who have expressed regret over losing a spouse or children to addiction. In the end, sacrificing relationships just to get high is not worth it.
  4. Finances – Addiction destroys finances as much as it does family. And what happens when you run out of money to pay for drugs? You might turn to crime. Trying to pay for your addiction could land you in prison for a very long time.
  5. Long-Term Health – Lastly, you are jeopardising your long-term health and well-being every day you go without treatment. Substance abuse wreaks havoc on the body. Right now, you could be destroying your heart, liver, lungs, and brain. If you do not get help, you may even kill yourself by drinking and taking drugs.

No good can come from substance abuse and addiction. Yet plenty of good can result from getting effective treatment. Please let us help connect you with a private rehab clinic or counsellor in your area. The sooner you do, the better off you will be.

Featured Humberside Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment

One of our jobs at Addiction Helper is to stay abreast of all of the treatment options available in Humberside and the surrounding region. We maintain an ongoing database complete with all the information you need to make treatment decisions. Treatment is offered by:

  • the NHS
  • charities
  • professional counsellors
  • local support groups
  • residential rehab facilities.

For classification purposes, we divide drug and alcohol treatment into two categories: outpatient and inpatient. We help you determine which is best for you based on what you are using, how long you have been using it, and your current level of dependence. Here are a few more details about outpatient and inpatient treatment:

  • Outpatient – Outpatient treatment is so named because patients come in, receive treatment, and leave the same day. The most common place to receive outpatient treatment is at an NHS hospital or medical facility. Nevertheless, outpatient treatments are also available through local charities and professional counsellors.
  • Inpatient – Inpatient treatment takes place at a residential facility where patients will live for up to 12 weeks of therapy. The facility provides a place to sleep, meals, and a long list of treatments that can include everything from individual counselling to group activities.

The primary advantage of outpatient care is that it allows the individual to remain at home. However, this is also its greatest weakness. It may be that some people find outpatient treatment more difficult because the home environment encourages the continued use of drugs or alcohol.

Getting Help for Your Family

Substance abuse and addiction are family problems inasmuch as the attitudes and actions of users negatively affect spouses and children. We know that, so the rehab centres we work with make a point of doing what they can to help the entire family get well. This may include individual counselling sessions for family members or assistance from an aftercare service to reintegrate the recovering addict with his or her family.

As you can see, there is a lot more to addiction and recovery than just deciding to stop using. Conquering a substance abuse or addiction problem requires, for most people, professional help provided by trained and experienced doctors and therapists. That is what we offer you at Addiction Helper. We want you to contact us whether you are having the problem yourself or you are living with someone else dealing with drugs or alcohol.

When you call our 24-hour helpline, we want to be sure you get all of the information you need. Please do not be afraid to ask us any questions. We also ask that you respond honestly to the questions we ask. We need to have a frank discussion if Addiction Helper is to effectively evaluate the seriousness of your problem for the purpose of connecting you with the right treatment provider.

If you contact us on behalf of someone else, please understand you cannot force anyone else to go into recovery. All you can do is present the options. We will give you those options, along with appropriate advice for conducting an intervention. We can also point you in the direction of counselling that will help you and the rest of your family cope with having to live with an addict. Please take advantage of our free and confidential services for your family.

Drug and alcohol abuse is alive and well in Humberside. So rather than pretending addiction has gone the way of official county lines, it is time to be real and honest. If you or a loved one is suffering from any kind of drug or alcohol problem, now is the time to contact Addiction Helper. Your opportunities to get well may be running out.