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When people who are dealing with substance abuse problems in Watford agree to attend drug and alcohol treatment centres they are taking a courageous step towards a new and better life. In order to increase their chances of success it is highly recommended that the individual makes use of the best possible addiction support. This could include things like rehab or other forms of addiction treatment. One of the key areas of treatment that the person will want to focus on while in treatment will be relapse prevention, as this will make it more likely that they will achieve lasting sobriety. The good news is that relapse prevention forms an important part of the recovery programme with most providers of drug and alcohol rehab in Watford.

Addiction Helper works hard to make sure that those who are struggling with substance abuse know where to find alcohol or drug rehab in Watford and beyond. It is our mission to connect all clients with a rehab programme that will suit their needs. Rehab providers will help patients to identify the cause of their illness and teach them the skills they need to thrive in a substance-free life.

Relapse Prevention Forms a Part of Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Watford?

One of the worst things that can happen to people who try to give up substance abuse is that they relapse. This can be a serious event because there is no guarantee that the individual will ever be able to summon up the motivation to quit again. This basically means that their relapse could be a death sentence. In the vast majority of cases there will be plenty of warning signs that the person is about to relapse and these events are always preventable. The things that people in Watford who are in early recovery will need to consider in this regard will include:

  • An awareness of the most common relapse triggers so that they can avoid these. This will include things like hunger, anger, loneliness, or tiredness (these common relapse triggers can be memorised using the acronym HALT).
  • Having a strategy in place to deal with relapse triggers.
  • Being able to recognise the signs of relapse – these are the steps that usually occur when people are on the road to relapse.

With drug and alcohol rehab in Watford, you will learn how to avoid a relapse going forward. You will be given skills and tips for the procedure to follow should you notice that you are in danger of having a slip-up.

Could You Benefit from Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Watford?

If you are struggling to get through each day without mood-altering chemicals, you may benefit from a programme of alcohol or drug rehab in Watford. If you are not sure if you need help, we urge you to get in touch with us for clarification.

You would not be the first person to believe that they do not have a problem, despite concerns from family members or friends. This is actually more common than you might think. Accepting a diagnosis of addict is never easy, particularly when you consider the negative stigma that surrounds this illness.

Most people have their own idea of what addiction is and this has usually been forged from things they have seen in the media. For example, they might assume that all alcoholics reach for bottles of spirits as soon as they wake up and then continue drinking until they pass out later in the day. Or, they may be of the opinion that to be a drug addict you have to inject illegal drugs in derelict buildings or down dark alleyways.

This is rarely the case. Addiction affects individuals in all different ways, and most addicts do not fit the stereotypical profile. It is for this reason that so many people never get the help they need to recover. Do not assume that because you are not what you believe an addict to be that you do not require help. If your substance use is causing problems in your life, then you need professional help.

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How to Overcome Your Addiction with Rehab in Watford?

If you would love to put your substance abuse to bed once and for all, there is plenty of help available. Rehab in Watford is provided by many organisations such as the NHS, charities, local support groups, and private clinics.

For most clients, we like to recommend a private clinic because we believe that this is the best and fastest way to overcome addiction. Private clinics are staffed by fully trained professionals dedicated to helping patients overcome their illness. Unlike medical staff in the NHS, doctors and counsellors working in private clinics can devote all their time to the patients in the clinic. They do not need to juggle an impossible workload.

Private clinics also have the benefit of being able to offer treatment programmes within hours of the initial inquiry. Patients are rarely placed on waiting lists, and this means they have little time to change their mind.

Having said all that, we do understand that for some, private residential programmes are not the ideal choice. Some individuals would fail to progress through the recovery journey if they were removed from their family unit while for others it would just not be practical to be away from home or work for a prolonged period.

The good news is that no matter what your needs or circumstances, we can help you find a programme that will work for you. We are not so much bothered about where you get treatment for your illness, only that you do. We will make sure that your personal preferences, treatment needs, circumstances and budget are all considered before we make any recommendations for your care.

Call Addiction Helper today if you are ready to get started on the road to recovery. We can assist with any queries you may have, and our professional and dedicated advisors will provide you with all the information you need in terms of treatment options in your area. Call today.

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