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Drug and alcohol support in Stevenage is often the first step to a new life away from addiction. It is true that some individuals do manage to break away from substance abuse without too much support, but those who avail of such services are more likely to succeed. This is because there are many traps that people can fall into when they first become sober and any of these traps could derail recovery. With the help of the right addiction treatment program the person will be less likely to fall into these traps. This is why it is recommended that people trying to beat addiction in Stevenage at least consider alcohol or drug rehabilitation centres or other types of addiction support.

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Common Traps to Avoid in Recovery

There are a number of common traps that the individual will be most likely to fall into in early recovery including:

  • If the person stops drinking or using drugs but does not make any other attempts to improve their life then they are not going to make much progress in recovery. This is because the reasons for why the person drank or used drugs in the first place will still be there to cause problems. If the individual fails to progress in recovery they will either fall into new maladaptive behaviours or relapse.
  • One the individual has been sober for a few weeks or months they can forget the reasons why they gave up in the first place. There is a wise saying that those who forget their mistakes are doomed to keep repeating them.
  • It is easy for the individual to take things for granted once they have been sober for a short time. This means that they may become complacent so that they stop doing the things they need to do to maintain their sobriety.

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