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Drug and alcohol rehab in Hatfield can be an excellent way to create a firm foundation for addiction recovery. The first few months of sobriety tend to be particularly challenging so it does help to have plenty of support during this time. There are so many traps that people will want to avoid in early recovery, and these are not always obvious. For example, one of the trickiest obstacles to overcome is the pink cloud, so it would make sense that those who are trying to overcome their addiction will want to be aware of this potential problem.

With alcohol and drug rehab in Hatfield, pink cloud syndrome will be fully explained to the individual. He or she will get a clearer understanding of it and how it should be handled. The reason pink cloud syndrome is particularly problematic is that on the surface it appears to be a very good thing. It is called a pink cloud because the individual will feel on top of the world. It is difficult for people at the time to appreciate how this intense feeling of happiness could possibly mean something bad. It is not so much the pink cloud that is the problem but how the person can react to it. Below are a few examples:

  • When the pink cloud period ends the individual can come back to Earth with a bang. They may be upset by this extreme change in their mood and begin to believe that recovery is not as great as they had believed. The individual may then use this reasoning as an excuse to relapse.
  • Another problem with pink cloud is that the person can become overconfident. They feel so good that they begin to wonder if they might be cured or even if there were a problem in the first place. The individual then stops doing the things that have been keeping them sober, and they can then end up in real trouble.

Could Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Hatfield Change Your Life?

Beating an addiction is never easy, no matter how much support a person has. Those who are affected by addiction often have relatives who want to do everything they can to make their loved one better. However, the will of family members and friends is never enough when it comes to beating this destructive illness.

It is necessary for the person with the addiction to want to get better. Forcing him or her into rehab in Hatfield or elsewhere when this person is not ready could be disastrous. That being said, you should not dismiss the opportunity to change your life with drug or alcohol rehab in Hatfield or the surrounding area.

The damage that is being caused to your life and the lives of those you love can be reversed when you access a programme that helps you put substance abuse behind you for good. Every day that you fail to reach out for help to overcome your addiction is another day you have given over to this destructive illness.

You should know that your illness will not pass if you ignore it – it will not simply go away because you want it to. You have the choice – reach out for help today and your life could change for the better, or do nothing and watch your life deteriorate even further.

How We Can Help You Locate Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Hatfield?

If you are struggling to break away from drugs or alcohol, let Addiction Helper find you a suitable alcohol or drug rehab in Hatfield for you. We have years of experience working in this field and we know which rehab providers specialise in which types of addictions.

We work with the NHS, private clinics, local support groups, and charities that offer detox and rehabilitation services for those who want to beat addiction. It is our mission to make these services easily accessible to those who need them, no matter what their personal or financial situation.

To do this, we need to know what each affected person’s needs are, and the only way to do this is by providing a free and confidential assessment of their situation. If you would like to know more about what your treatment requirements are, call us today. Our fully trained advisors will provide a full evaluation that will take into account your current and past substance use, health, personal commitments, personal preferences, and budget. With the information you provide, they will be able to match you to a suitable provider of rehab in Hatfield or elsewhere within minutes.

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Do Providers of Rehab in Hatfield Use Bespoke Treatment Plans?

It was once the norm for providers of rehabilitation to use the same type of treatment programme for every patient. It became apparent that while the programme worked for some individuals, for others it was ineffective. Years of research into addiction and the way it affects the brain helped scientists conclude that individuals require bespoke treatment plans, catered to their own requirements, if they were to recover fully.

The rehab providers that we work with use the bespoke treatment approach for all clients. This means that they will fully assess each patient before creating a plan that they believe will work for that person.

Bespoke plans tend to include a combination of traditional and alternative therapies to get the most out of the individual. So, as well as traditional treatments such as individual counselling, group therapy, and 12-step work, a tailored plan might also include massage, meditation, yoga, and even equine therapy.

One of the best things about bespoke plans is their flexibility. Counsellors and therapists can easily alter a plan and replace one element with an alternative if they believe that the patient is not responding as expected.

If you would like more information on Addiction Helper and our free and confidential service, call our dedicated helpline right now. This helpline is staffed twenty-four hours a day by fully trained and experienced advisors who can provide you with helpful and friendly advice about addiction and recovery.

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