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Alcohol rehabilitation centres for people in Hatfield can be an excellent way to create a firm foundation for addiction recovery. The first few months of sobriety tend to be particularly challenging so it does help to have plenty of support during this time. There are so many traps that people will want to avoid in early recovery, and these are not always obvious. For example, one of the trickiest obstacles to overcome is the pink cloud, and those in Hatfield who are dealing with their addiction will want to be aware of this potential problem.

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The Problem with Pink Cloud Syndrome

The reason for why pink cloud syndrome is particularly problematic is that on the surface it appears to be a very good think. It is called a pink cloud because the individual will feel on top of the world. It is difficult for people at the time to appreciate how this intense feeling of happiness could possibly mean something bad. It is not so much the pink cloud that is the problem but how the person can react to it. The dangers of this would include:

  • When the pink cloud period ends the individual can come back to Earth with a bang. They may be upset by this extreme change in their mood and begin to believe that recovery is not as great as they had believed. The individual may then use this reasoning as an excuse to relapse.
  • Another problem with the pink cloud is that the person can become overconfident. They feel so good that they begin to wonder if they might be cured. The individual then stops doing the things that have been keeping them sober, and they can then end up in real trouble.

This is why it can be so important that the individual spends time in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre because this will give them the opportunity to prepare for the pink cloud.

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