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Looking for alcohol help in Leominster often means choosing from among a number of different options. This could involve things like drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres or drug counselling. All of these options can work well, but the most important thing is that they prepare the individual for the relapse triggers that they are likely to have to face in early recovery.  If the individual is unable to deal with these common traps they will end up back where they started. Here are some of the relapse triggers that people in Leominster need to be aware of in order to stay sober:

  • One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they become complacent after being sober for a few weeks or months. The individual seems to be making good progress and so they begin to take things for granted. This usually means that the person will start putting less effort into their recovery, and this causes them to relapse.
  • Some people enter recovery feeling like they have all the answers. The fact that they are so opinionated prevents them from picking up new information. This is dangerous because in order to progress in recovery the person will need to be continually learning new things – failure to do so will usually mean relapse.

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  • Another common mistake that people make is to fall victim of HALT. This is an acronym that stands for the four most common relapse triggers for people in early recovery. These are hunger, anger, loneliness, and tiredness. It is recommended that the individual avoid these emotions as much as possible in early recovery.
  • Those people who forget their mistakes are doomed to repeat them and forgetting the past is another relapse trigger. The individual does not remember how bad things were and they begin thinking again about returning to alcohol or drug use.

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