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Drug and alcohol detox centres for people in Kington can appear like an undesirable option. The individual can be particularly resistant to this type of help if they usually prefer their own company. Some people are naturally introverts while other individuals will become loners as a result of their substance abuse. Getting help form a drug and rehabilitation facility can greatly improve the individual’s chances of achieving long term sobriety so it is recommended that people do at least consider this option. There is no reason why their tendency towards solitude should prevent them from getting the most out of rehab – in fact it could mean that they get more out of the experience than the extrovert.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation for Introverts

Here are a few things that introverts in Kington who are thinking about rehab should consider:

  • The fact that the individual has a tendency towards introversion can actually be a benefit in this type of program. This is because the person will be comfortable looking inwards, and a great deal of the work of this program will involve this type of introspection.
  • If people can afford a private rehab they can choose to have their own personal space in the facility. This means that they will have somewhere to retire to during those times when they are struggling around other people. Of course, it is vital that the individual does not spend all their time alone but a bit of me time now and again should be acceptable.
  • Some individuals who become loners in addiction will not be natural introverts. This means that they seek solitude out of shame rather than choice. These individuals will often find that they come out of their shell while in rehab, and this can be a great joy for them.

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