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The effects of drug and alcohol abuse are felt far and wide. Contrary to widely held belief, addicts are not only harming themselves and they should not be left to get on with their addictive behaviour. The truth is that substance abuse and addiction affect people across the UK. It is no different in the city of Hereford, where the lives of many individuals are being destroyed by substance abuse and addiction on a daily basis. What must also be mentioned at this juncture is that this is not just a problem for the person abusing the substance and those closest to him or her. Substance abuse has a negative impact on entire communities and on society as a whole; as such, services such as drug and alcohol rehab in Hereford are vital.

The impact of addiction on the individual can never be underestimated, but this is an illness that also negatively affects their family members, friends, and work colleagues. But beyond that, there are other implications of addiction. As the abuse of alcohol and drugs contributes to poor health and premature death, there is a huge burden placed on the National Health Service. The treatment of avoidable illnesses and injuries is costing the economy billions of pounds every single year and is putting the NHS under immense pressure. It is important, therefore, that more is done to lessen this burden. Fortunately, services such as alcohol and drug rehab in Hereford are available and those working in the organisations that provide these services are dedicated to helping as many people as possible to overcome their illnesses for good.

If you have been directly or indirectly affected by substance abuse and addiction, Addiction Helper can assist. We work by providing information and advice to addicts and their families across Britain. If you believe that you or someone you love would benefit from a programme of rehab in Hereford, or anywhere else for that matter, then we urge you to get in touch with us today.

Need Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Hereford?

It can be difficult for those affected by drug and alcohol addiction to see how serious their situation actually is. What is plain to those around them may not be so clear to themselves because their mind has been clouded by the substances they are using.

As there is no blood test or examination that can be used to diagnose addiction, it is necessary to evaluate your situation and determine the level of substance misuse you are dealing with from your habits. This is something that Addiction Helper can do for you – if you want.

In the meantime, you may get a clearer idea of whether you need drug or alcohol rehab in Hereford or not by considering the following questions:

  • Have you increased the amount of alcohol or drugs that you consume lately?
  • Do you regularly get high or intoxicated?
  • When you start drinking or taking drugs, can you easily stop, or do you carry on until you have no option but to stop?
  • Do you take risks while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
  • Have your loved ones expressed concerns about your alcohol or drug use?
  • Do you try to hide your substance use from your family members or friends?
  • Do you feel guilty about the amount of alcohol or drugs that you are using?
  • Do you do things while under the influence that you feel bad about afterwards?
  • Do you have periods while under the influence that you cannot remember?

Answering yes to one or two of the above indicates that you might have a problem. If you answer yes to more than that, it is highly likely that you need professional help and you should get in touch with someone right now. You can call Addiction Helper to speak to one of our friendly advisors.

What Is Preventing You from Accessing Alcohol or Drug Rehab?

If you are already aware that your substance use is getting out of control and that you could need help, then we urge you to get in touch with us as soon as possible. However, there are many things that could be holding you back.

Fear of rehab is a common obstacle to recovery, but more often than not it is the stigma of addiction that stops affected individuals from accessing services such as alcohol or drug rehab in Hereford. For many decades, addiction has been seen as a lifestyle choice, with many people believing it to be a consequence of poor decision making or bad behaviour. Others believe that addicts are weak or have no willpower and that this the reason they are affected.

The reality is completely different. Addiction is an illness that affects individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and religions. It is not a lifestyle choice and those affected are not to blame for their situation. Nevertheless, with the way in which others view addiction and addicts, it is hardly surprising that some affected people might not want to admit that they have a problem.

If you are struggling with addiction, we urge you to put these fears behind you. You will not be judged by anyone within the addiction services industry. In fact, you will be helped to get a greater understanding of what addiction is and why you are affected. This will help you to move forward to a substance-free life with your loved ones.

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What You Have to Gain from Rehab?

Rehab in Hereford can give you back all the things that your addiction has been taking away from you. This includes your health, your relationships, and your wealth. These are the three areas of life that are most commonly affected by substance abuse and addiction. But when you say goodbye to substance abuse for good, you can look forward to improvements in all.

Your health issues can be reversed, and you can begin to make amends for any damage you have caused to those you love. You can also get your finances back on track when you are not compelled to spend every penny you have funding a destructive habit.

If you would like more information on how to get started on the road to recovery, please give us a call today. Our friendly advisors will put you at ease instantly and will provide advice, information, and assessments if this is what you want. Alternatively, if you just need someone to talk to right now, we can provide a listening ear. Call today to see what we can do to help you overcome addiction for good.

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