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Those people in Hereford who are dealing with substance abuse problems will often end up choosing drug or alcohol detox as their recovery option. This can be a great choice because it gives the individual a great start in recovery – in fact it is akin to going to college and doing a degree in life. When the person comes out of this program they will be in a much better position to deal with the problems of life. This is important because they will no longer able to depend on their old coping strategies of turning to alcohol or drugs.

There are important differences between rehab and college though, and it is important that the individual is aware of these. The most important difference is that there is no graduation day from these facilities – the person is not going to be cured at the end of it. When they leave this facility the person will be just at the start of their journey, and it will continue for the rest of their life. The days in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre are more like a preparation course rather than anything else.

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Another important way that rehab differs from college is the seriousness of the situation. If people in college in Hereford are doing badly they might flunk the course, but if the individual fails to get the most out of rehab it could have much dire consequences. For some people they will only have one real shot at rehab because they will never again be able to summon up the motivation to quit. This means then that if the individual flunks rehab it could mean a death sentence. They will be returning to the downward spiral of addiction, and this always ends badly unless the person is able to stop.

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