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Quality Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation in Herefordshire

Facing addiction alone can feel like a scary prospect, but there is help available. The most effective treatment for addiction and alcoholism is tailored, research-based, residential rehab. There are various rehab clinics in the Herefordshire area, each is designed to equip you with the understanding and skills you need to build a positive, substance-free life.

Contemplating Rehab

When you are unable to manage your life without drugs and alcohol it can be hard to even think straight, let alone find your own way into recovery. Going to residential rehab will afford you the opportunity to take time to focus on getting well. Residential rehab will provide you not only with detox but also aims to give you tools for accepting and dealing with your life effectively and safely, without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol and drug addiction can sometimes be so obvious that you and everyone around you know that you have a problem.  Some people manage to hide and control their drinking or using for months, years, or even decades, only drinking on the weekend, or only taking enough to get through the day without ever getting really high or drunk. Whatever your circumstances and symptoms there is help available.

If you’re still deciding if you have a problem it may be useful to ask yourself some questions about how your addiction is impacting your life:

  • Are you able to moderate your drinking or using?
  • Do you swap between different drink and drugs, thinking the problem lies with the specific substance?
  • Do you find yourself drinking and using even though you had planned not to?
  • Do you suffer withdrawal symptoms when you don’t have a drink or a drug?
  • Do you find you’re constantly preoccupied with where and how you will get your next drink or drug?

If you answered yes to these questions and are unable to control your use, it may be time to get some help. The illness of addiction is characterized by an inability to choose to stop using. Being an addict is not something you should be ashamed of but you can take responsibility for your treatment and recovery. You can treat your illness; you can recover.

Going to Rehab in Herefordshire


For many people entering rehab, the first thing to deal with is the detox process. On the day of your admission, you will be seen by a doctor who will be able to prescribe you a medicated detox should you require it. Everything will be done to get you through this process as safely and comfortably as possible. You will be supported 24 hours a day by the counsellors and support staff, and you will benefit from being within a community of people who have been through detox themselves and are getting better.

Therapeutic programme

The Herefordshire drug and alcohol rehabs offer rigorous therapeutic programmes facilitated by highly skilled, experienced and passionate about recovery.

The programmes on offer include a blend of:

  • Group therapy
  • One-to-one therapy
  • Specialised therapies, like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • Regular sessions with a key worker
  • An introduction to the 12 steps
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Skills workshops
  • Holistic treatments
  • Fitness and Healthy Eating
  • Group activities
  • Family Therapy
  • Aftercare

Through engaging with these rigorous Herefordshire recovery programmes you will be able to leave behind your addiction. Your physical, mental and spiritual health will improve as you practice the skills and tools you learn in rehab.

Going to rehab offers the opportunity not just for detox, but for healing. Recovering within a community of peers will enable you to break the cycle of loneliness associated with addiction. You will be able to form positive connections with others and benefit each other’s insights.

Along with your peers, you will benefit from a full-time table of therapeutic interventions but rest assured you will be supported at each step of the way. There will, of course, be time for rest relaxation too, it is important to be able to have fun clean and sober!

The Herefordshire rehabs will support you in facing those thoughts and feelings that lie behind your using, and in developing healthier ways of being.  Some of the skills you will develop are:

  • Living in the present moment – rather than dwelling on things that have happened in the past or worry about things that will happen in the future.
  • Regulating your thoughts and feelings – rather than having an unstable mood you will learn to create peace of mind.
  • Processing feelings- you will learn ways of processing experiences without feeling the need to turn to drugs, alcohol, or any other destructive coping mechanism
  • Relationship and communication skills – you will practice being assertive, non-judgmental and accepting of ourselves and others.

Attending Aftercare in Herefordshire

Completing treatment is a time to be proud, you will have achieved a great thing in addressing your addiction! We hope that when you leave primary rehab you will go on to build on this achievement and continue into long-lasting sobriety.

To enable you to reach your potential you will often be offered ongoing care in the form of group therapy and therapeutic groups with peers, many alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinics in Herefordshire offer these services for up to a year following completion of primary rehab.

During aftercare, you will be able to reflect on how you are experiencing putting into practice the things you have written in your relapse prevention plan. The relapse prevention plan, which you have designed with the help of your counsellor, will include steps to take when you find yourself in triggering situations.

Many rehabs encourage residents to reach out the communities of recovering addicts found in the Herefordshire area Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings. These meetings can provide support and a lifelong community of sober friends.

The sober way of living gets easier with time. It works in a very similar way to building muscle memory at the gym. In the same way that working out regularly builds muscle memory when you go to the gym, so working out your ways of thinking and feeling builds neurological memory. This means that living and enjoying life without the use of drugs or alcohol will become easier and easier.

The Herefordshire rehabs provide a fast access service dedicated to providing long-term support, to help you get sober and get well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical day in rehab like?

A typical day in drug and alcohol rehab in Herefordshire will consist of group therapy sessions, individual therapy, written/other assignments, recovery groups, and free time.

 Will there always be staff on duty in rehab?

There will be staff on duty continually for 24 hours a day. You will always have someone to turn to if you need help.

How long will I be in treatment?

The length of time you spend in rehab in Herefordshire will be tailored to your individual needs.  The detox process usually takes up to a week and your time in the rehabilitation unit following that will be decided between you and the team. There is usually a 90 day stay in primary treatment.

Is alcoholism different from drug addiction?

The idea that alcoholism and drug addiction is very different from each other is wrong in many ways. Other than the fact that one is a liquid and is legal there is not much difference at all in the processes involved in addiction to either. The fact that alcohol is legal that gives it the illusion of safety, in comparison to other drugs. In fact, alcohol is considered the most dangerous of all the drugs in the UK, rating higher even than heroin and crack-cocaine.

What about My Family?

Rehabs often provide family groups where members of your family can attend therapy with you if that is appropriate. The Herefordshire rehabs are very aware that addiction impacts everyone that it comes in to contact with.  These clinics are here to support all your healing, both as an individual and as part of a family, as much as possible.

What about my children?

There is a stigma attached to being an addict and the primary caregiver to children, this really gets in the way of a lot of parents accessing help when they need it. Remember rehabs understand addiction are not here to judge you. Going to rehab will enable you to build a happy and stable recovery for yourself and your family.

How should I fund rehab?

Privately funding your rehab programme in Herefordshire is the preferred method for most people. Privately funded will mean that there will probably be little waiting list prior to your assessment and admission.

If you do not have the means with which to pay privately you may be eligible for NHS funding, please contact your GP about referring you to a local Herefordshire drug and alcohol team.

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