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The stereotype of the alcohol and drug addict can hide the reality that this type of condition can impact people from all walks of life. Most people in need of drug or alcohol rehab in Winchester and other parts of the UK do not end up drinking out of a paper bag or injecting heroin in a dirty back alley. In fact, it is common for people caught in addiction to be functioning at a relatively high level. There are examples of these high functioning substance abusers in Winchester just like there is in the rest of the UK. It is vital that these individuals receive some type of addiction treatment to end their problem or they will eventually end up losing everything.

It is possible for people to be addicted to alcohol or drugs yet they will appear perfectly normal to outsiders. In fact, this individual may be very successful in their career and a respected member of the community. Most people who fall into addiction become skilled at hiding their excesses but the high functioning substance abuser is particularly good at it. To the outsider, the very idea that alcohol or drug rehab in Winchester is something this person needs is preposterous.

Why High Functioning Addicts Might Have a Hard Time Accessing Rehab in Winchester?

One of the biggest problems facing the high functioning addict is that because they are doing so well it is less likely that they will access drug or alcohol rehab in Winchester, despite the fact that he or she will benefit greatly from it. This individual will often be the most resistant to things like drug and alcohol detox because they want to protect their reputation. He or she will fail to realise that without such help, they might not have a reputation to protect.

Even if he or she is functioning well at the moment and others are unaware of their addiction, the person is unlikely to be able to hide it forever. The fact that addiction is a progressive illness means that there are undoubtedly going to be some outward signs that something is amiss before too long. Waiting until this happens is a bad idea.

High functioning addicts often feel they are entitled to drink alcohol in excess or take drugs because of how successful they are. They can tell family and friends that they deserve to let their hair down after working hard. Believing that they deserve alcohol or drugs as a reward for hard work can mean they are unlikely to consider the idea of alcohol or drug rehab in Winchester or elsewhere. These people will often work in careers where hard drinking and drug use is considered normal – maybe even a perk of the job and this can also prevent them from reaching out for help. They do not want to be viewed by others as having a problem or not being able to keep up.

Do You Need Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Winchester?

Accepting a diagnosis of addict is tough for anyone, particularly those who believe themselves to be functioning well and as far from the stereotypical addict as they could get. Nevertheless, addiction takes many forms and it affects everyone in different ways.

Addicts come from various backgrounds and while some may be struggling financially, others may be extremely wealthy. Having plenty of money, a loving family or a high-powered job does not make a person exempt from addiction. If he or she abuses substances such as alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription medication, he/she is prone to addiction just as anyone else who uses these substances is. The only thing that all addicts have in common is their need for rehab in Winchester or other parts of the country.

If your loved ones have been expressing concerns about your drinking or drug taking, then we urge you to get in touch with us right now. Many of our clients were convinced they did not have a problem before speaking with our advisors. Many only got in touch with us to appease a loved one. Nonetheless, when they stopped and took an honest look at their substance use and how it was affecting their life, they came to the realisation that rehab would actually benefit them.

Think about your substance use and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you regularly drinking more than the Government’s recommended alcohol allowance of 14 units per week?
  • Do you find that once you start drinking, you are unable to stop?
  • Are you regularly abusing illegal drugs or do you take prescription medication?
  • Have you increased your substance use and now need to take more in order to achieve the same feelings as before?
  • Do you feel irritable when in need of alcohol or drugs?
  • Are you neglecting other aspects of your life in favour of substance abuse?

Answering yes to the above questions would indicate your substance use needs addressing. Even if you do not yet have an addiction, you may be in danger of heading that way. Please call Addiction Helper today for advice and information on addiction. We can offer a free evaluation to determine whether you would benefit from a rehab programme in your area.

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What Makes Rehab in Winchester Valuable to Your Treatment?

The negative impact of addiction can be felt everywhere. It destroys the lives of individuals and their families but it also affects entire communities and has a negative impact on the economy. Those who suffer with addiction are likely to notice a deterioration in their health, relationships, and finances.

With addiction closely linked to violent crime, communities can be devastated by actions caused by those under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Policing and prosecuting these crimes costs the economy billions of pounds every single year, and the impact on the National Health Service is also massive.

As you can see, rehab in Winchester and every other part of the United Kingdom is essential. Thankfully, there is plenty of choice, and many different organisations work hard to make these services available to those who need them. If you would like more information on addiction or want to take advantage of our free referral service, please get in touch with us right now.

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