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It is commonly accepted that most people will end their addiction to alcohol or drugs after they have hit rock bottom. This would seem to imply that the individual needs to lose everything before they will be able to recover from this type of problem, but this is not what is meant here. Those individuals who equate hitting rock bottom with losing everything could delay accessing drug and alcohol rehab in Portsmouth and beyond as a result of this misconception so it is important to be clear about what this means.

Those people in Portsmouth who are dealing with addiction need to understand that hitting rock bottom is a completely subjective idea. There is no exact spot in the addiction process where the individual magically becomes ready for alcohol or drug rehab in Portsmouth. What is meant here is that the individual has reached a stage where they are now ready to consider quitting. This can happen to the person after losing relatively little as a result of addiction or it can happen after they have lost almost everything. The important thing to keep in mind is that the individual decides when they have had enough and rock-bottom is different for everyone.

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There is no benefit for people dealing with substance abuse to lose any more than they already have so where they are now can be their rock bottom. If the individual looks honestly at their situation they will be able to see where this is all taking them. They are on a downward spiral and the longer they continue the more they will end up losing. By having a high rock bottom, the individual will be walking away from the substance abuse after losing relatively little. This is a good thing because there is no benefit in losing any more. The person will not have any less of a good life in recovery because they did not have a lower rock bottom.

Accessing drug and alcohol rehab in Portsmouth or anywhere else for that matter is something that should be done as soon as the person realises that he or she is in trouble. Early intervention is often key in terms of successful recovery, but what often happens is that family members realise the problem exists long before the addict does.

If you have realised that you are in need of rehab in Portsmouth, congratulations. You are now in the perfect position to make the necessary changes to your life that will help you say goodbye to substance abuse once and for all.

If you know that a loved one needs help, you need to do something about it before his or her situation spirals out of control. Waiting around and hoping you are wrong is not an option.

Let Us Help You Find Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Portsmouth

If alcohol or drug rehab is something you need, let Addiction Helper take care of the hard work for you. Accessing rehab services to suit the needs of the individual might sound easy but with so much information available, it can quickly become time-consuming and overwhelming.

Addiction Helper has taken the time to create a database with information on the various treatment providers across the UK as well as some locations overseas. We work hard to ensure that the information contained in this database is always kept up to date so that clients can be sure of getting information that is correct and relevant at all times.

Our free service includes a full assessment of your illness from which we can gauge your treatment needs. We will take your current and past substance use into account before matching you to a treatment provider where your requirements will be catered to. During the matching process, we will also look at whether you have any family or work commitments as well as your personal preferences and budget. Your wellbeing is our main priority and we want you to be comfortable with whatever rehab provider you choose.

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Is Residential Rehab in Portsmouth the Better Option?

When it comes to rehab in Portsmouth, we liaise with providers in the private and public sectors as we want to make sure that everyone can access the treatment they need, no matter what their circumstances or how much money they have.

We can refer clients to both inpatient and outpatient treatment programmes, depending on their needs and preferences. However, for most people, we will try to recommend a residential programme if suitable. There are many reasons for this; the main ones are outlined below:

  • Residential programmes are typically run by private clinics and, as such, waiting times are minimal. This is in stark contrast to the waiting times for free services. We believe that patients should be able to access the help they need, as quickly as possible after reaching out.
  • Inpatient programmes are typically run in quiet, peaceful, and distraction-free environments that we believe can benefit the recovering addict. Being away from the triggers and temptations of everyday life goes a long way to helping the addict on the road to recovery.
  • Residential programmes offer intensive treatment schedules, which means that patients spend most of their day in counselling or therapy sessions. They are forced to address their issues and have little free time to reflect on past behaviour and what they might like to be doing if they were elsewhere.
  • In a residential clinic, there are staff members working around the clock, seeing to the needs of patients. Patients will never feel alone and they will always have someone to talk to for professional advice should they need it.

For more information on alcohol or drug rehab in Portsmouth or for help on accessing a suitable programme, please contact us here at Addiction Helper. We have a team on standby waiting to take your call.

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