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Addiction Helper Rehab LIVESEARCH shows every Alcohol and Drug Rehab centre in Fareham and provides a complete overview of each facility including reviews from previous treatment centre residents.

It is difficult for those affected by addiction to admit they have a problem. However, ignoring the problem could have disastrous consequences for the affected individuals and their family members. If you are worried about yourself of a loved one, contacting us here at Addiction Helper could change your life forever. We can put you in touch with providers of drug or alcohol rehab in Fareham, which could be enough to save your life or the life of someone you love.

It is important to remember that drug and alcohol addiction are leading contributors of poor health and can even lead to premature death if left untreated. By reaching out for help from Addiction Helper today, you could begin your journey towards recovery at the facility of one of the many providers of alcohol and drug rehab in Fareham and beyond we liaise with.

Our free service has already helped countless individuals to access rehab in Fareham and other parts of the UK, and we want to help you too. As well as the many inpatient treatment programmes provided by private clinics, we can help when it comes to accessing free services from the NHS, charities, and local support groups. It is our mission to assist not only those affected by addiction but also their families, and with our years of experience, we can guarantee that we will find the most suitable provider for your needs and circumstances.

Should You Choose Residential Rehab in Fareham?

As a free referral service, we help people to access both alcohol and drug rehab in Fareham and beyond. We believe that everyone affected by addiction should be able to get the help they need to get better quickly and with minimum fuss. As a result, we have taken the time to compile a large database of information pertaining to various providers of treatment around the United Kingdom.

It is our belief that most people would benefit from inpatient treatment programmes for addiction because these provide a vital springboard for those with severe illnesses. However, we also know that these programmes may not be everyone’s first preference. There are some who do not like the idea of being away from their family for an extended period while others may think that they could not possibly afford a private residential programme. Nevertheless, private drug and alcohol rehab in Fareham may not be as expensive as you might imagine. Some providers will accept government funding and others will make it easier to pay with payment plans.

If you are wondering whether private residential rehab is suitable for you or not, below are a few of the benefits of choosing this type of treatment option:

  • Those with a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol may find it difficult to cope with rehab if they are still having to deal with the temptations and triggers of their everyday lives. With a residential programme, these individuals will be removed from everyday life and be placed in a distraction-free environment. They will have no choice but to focus on recovery.
  • Residential programmes are staffed around-the-clock by dedicated and fully trained staff members who will provide constant care and support to patients in their time of need.
  • Inpatient programmes tend to run for periods of between six and eight weeks. During this time, patients will be given an intensive programme of care and will spend much of their day in therapy. This means they will have little free time to dwell on other issues.
  • Residential programmes usually adopt the tailored approach to treatment. This means that patients can expect a plan of care that has been designed around their individual needs and circumstances. This offers the greatest chance for a long-term successful recovery.

Not everyone will want or be in a position to avail of private residential treatment for their addiction, but this does not mean there is not a suitable programme for them. Here at Addiction Helper, we work with the private and public sectors to ensure that everyone can access rehab in Fareham or elsewhere. We will work closely with you to find a suitable treatment provider, no matter what your circumstances.

What Happens Before Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

For most, the recovery journey starts when they can finally accept the truth of their situation and their subsequent need for professional help. This is often the hardest step that addicts can take on the road to recovery, but it is the most important. An addict must be willing to make the necessary changes to his or her life in order to put substance abuse to bed for good. One of the biggest changes they can make is to get clean and agree to stop taking drugs or drinking alcohol. For most addicts, a programme of detoxification is a necessary step that must take place before rehabilitation can begin.

Detox is the process designed to tackle the physical side of addiction. It naturally begins when the individual stops drinking or taking drugs. When this happens and the body realises that the usual dose of chemicals is not coming, it reacts by expelling any remaining toxins in a bid to get back to a semblance of normality.

The process of detoxification can be very complicated and for most it requires careful supervision. Addiction Helper recommends that all clients undergo the process in a dedicated facility where they will be more comfortable. Security and comfort are paramount in dedicated facilities and the most severe withdrawal symptoms can be quickly and effectively managed.

Featured Fareham Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Moving on to Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Fareham

Once detox has been completed, which usually takes around seven to ten days, the patient will be ready to take the next step in the recovery journey. At this stage, it may be tempting to call it quits; after a detox, many patients feel on top of the world and are convinced they will never drink alcohol or take drugs again.

Nonetheless, as proud as they should be to be clean at this stage, they should be aware of being vulnerable to a relapse. It is necessary to deal with not only the physical side of the illness but also the psychological, and this takes place with a programme of rehabilitation. Rehab programmes are either inpatient or outpatient based – for more information call us now via our 24-hour helpline.

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