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The need for drug and alcohol rehab in Andover is the same as the need for this type of rehab in every other part of the UK. Substance abuse and addiction exist all over the country, and without help from professionals, most affected people would never recover.

The impact of substance abuse and addiction can never be underestimated. It is easy to ignore the problem if you are not directly affected by it, but the reality is that addiction is costing the economy billions of pounds every single year. This means that every single taxpayer in the country is indirectly affected, whether they know it or not. Without services such as alcohol and drug rehab in Andover and beyond, the cost to the economy would likely be much higher.

Addiction is directly linked to poor health, unemployment, divorce, poverty, violent crime, homelessness, and premature death and can have a devastating effect on the lives of so many individuals here. It is placing a massive strain on emergency services, and the most shocking thing of all is that these issues are completely unavoidable.

Do You Need Alcohol Rehab in Andover?

It is hard to comprehend the fact that alcohol can cause so much harm. Most people have a much greater understanding of the negative impact of drug addiction and abuse. However, it is alcohol that causes the most problems in our society. It is the third largest cause of poor health and premature death, after smoking and obesity, yet so many people are unaware of the harm it causes.

Despite repeated warnings about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption, countless individuals continue to drink well over the Government’s weekly guideline amount of fourteen units. As alcohol is socially acceptable and a widely available, legal substance, most people cannot comprehend the link to poor health. In fact, most of those who drink alcohol are unaware that it can be a contributing factor in many different forms of cancer, including mouth, breast, and oesophageal cancers.

It is vital that alcohol rehab in Andover and other parts of the UK can be quickly and easily accessed by those who need it. Unfortunately, most of the individuals who do need these services are completely unaware that they have a problem.

Recognising the Need for Drug Rehab in Andover

It is far easier to see why drug rehab in Andover might be necessary. Most people assume that illegal drugs such as heroin, cocaine and crystal meth are the biggest problems in society these days. This is usually down to the fact that these substances are illegal and are therefore ‘bad’. It is also to do with the negative stereotyping that surrounds drug addiction.

What is important to remember is that any type of addiction is a recognised illness of the brain, and this includes drug addiction. Nobody chooses to become an addict – they do not wake up one morning with an addiction having been fine the day before.

Addiction occurs gradually over time and is never a choice, despite what many others think. It is easy for those who have no experience of drug addiction to say that those affected should not have taken drugs in the first place or that they should simply stop and then they wouldn’t have any problems. This is a naïve attitude and one that can often cause more harm than good. The reality is that nobody would continue to harm themselves and the people around them if they could exert any measure of control over their behaviour. The reason addicts continue to abuse substances such as heroin or cocaine when they know that to do so will cause harm is because they have no control.

Misunderstanding the illness that is addiction leads to discrimination and judgement, which can prevent many from reaching out for help. More needs to be done to recognise why there is a need for drug rehab in the United Kingdom, and that is what services such as Addiction Helper are working hard to achieve.

What Is Rehab in Andover Like?

There are many options when it comes to rehab in Andover. As well as programmes run by the NHS, there are various other programmes available from private clinics, local support groups, and charities. If your addiction is severe, it may be wise to consider an inpatient programme in a private clinic.

The reason private clinics are a preferable choice is the fact that these usually offer quick admission and the chance to recover away from everyday life; for some, this is vital in terms of allowing them to concentrate fully on recovery.

Private clinics are staffed by a team of professionals and support staff. There will be counsellors, therapists, doctors, and psychologists on hand at all hours of the day to make sure that everything possible is being done to help the patient to overcome his or her addiction.

Although we believe that most people would benefit from a stay in an outpatient clinic, we understand that this option is not suitable for everyone. There are many clients who cannot be away from their families or their work for extended periods of time, so they would require treatment from an outpatient clinic instead. The good news is that there are plenty of options across Great Britain.

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What Happens after Rehab?

Returning to everyday life after a rehabilitation programme can be a daunting prospect, particularly for those who have spent a period of up to eight weeks in a residential clinic. What we can tell you is that you will not be alone at this time. You will not be expected to simply get on with it and fend for yourself during these early days when you may be feeling very vulnerable.

Some clinics in and around Andover make it easier for patients to adjust by moving them to sober living houses for a short period of time where they can learn the basics of independent sober living with other recovering addicts. Others will provide aftercare services such as regular counselling or phone contact.

You may also be advised to join a local fellowship group where you will meet with other recovering addicts on a regular basis. This will help with maintaining sobriety and provide you with much-needed support at this key stage of your journey.

For more information on rehab in Andover or aftercare services, please call us today using our 24-hour helpline or get in touch through this website.

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