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Do you find yourself struggling to get through the day without alcohol? Do you find yourself using drugs as a way of escape? There are others throughout Gwent who have worked their way through similar problems. If you are a substance abuser or addict, you do not have to continue in that lifestyle. With the right combination of professional treatment and support, you can break the cycle of abuse or addiction.

You already know that drug and alcohol abuse knows no boundaries. People are as likely to be addicted in Gwent as they are anywhere else in England or Wales. The key is knowing where to find help to overcome addiction. That is where Addiction Helper comes in. Our primary mission is to assist substance abusers and addicts looking to find treatment in their local areas.

We work with private rehab clinics, local charities and other treatment providers throughout the UK. The treatments we can help you arrange include everything from group support to detox to comprehensive residential rehab. If there is a treatment out there, we likely know about it. We can tell you all about it when you contact us by phone, chat, or e-mail.

Addiction Destroys Lives

Do you remember that day you had your first drink or your first hit? It is likely no one ever told you how quickly casual use could turn into abuse and eventual addiction. That is the big lie of drugs and alcohol. We assume that we can use without any risks involved, but that is just not the case.

The reality is that addiction destroys lives. Without professional treatment, drugs and alcohol can:

  • destroy your physical health
  • permanently impair your ability to think
  • devastate your personal relationships
  • ruin the lives of your spouse and children
  • completely ruin your finances
  • end your life prematurely.

At Addiction Helper, we know you did not set out to become a substance abuser or addict. No one ever does. Addiction creeps up on a person slowly and gradually, overwhelming before that person knows what is happening. Yet despite the power addiction has over your life, it can be broken with support and treatment.

How Treatment Works

Drug and alcohol treatment is available in both outpatient and residential basis. Under either option, treatment follows a basic three-stage process:

  • Detox – The first stage in recovery is detox. It takes between seven and ten days in most cases, and it involves separating the addict from addictive substances so that the mind and body can be fully cleansed. Medication may be used in some instances to lessen the effects of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Rehab – Rehab and detox are two separate things, despite the words being used interchangeably at times. Rehab does for the mind and emotions what detox does for the body. A 4 to 12 weeks rehab can involve a broad range of therapies designed to treat the emotional and mental aspects of addiction in ways that detox cannot.
  • Aftercare – The typical detox and rehab programme is followed by 3 to 12 months of aftercare. This treatment consists of a series of support services, including counselling and 12-step work, designed to prevent relapse in the future. Aftercare is a crucial component in long-term recovery.

In short, treatment works by interrupting the cycle of addiction and dependence so common with drug and alcohol problems. By breaking the cycle, doctors and therapists are then able to help the recovering addict regain control of body and mind. From there it is a matter of learning strategies that will prevent future problems.

Featured Gwent Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment

One of the first things our clients ask is where they can find treatment facilities. The answer to that question depends on the individual’s needs. The first thing to know in this regard is the fact that there are two kinds of treatment facilities to choose from – outpatient and inpatient.

An outpatient rehab clinic is one that would typically be provided by the NHS or a local drug or alcohol charity. At an outpatient centre, patients come and go every day rather than taking up residence. Each patient continues to live at home while undergoing treatment, travelling to and from the clinic for daily treatments.

Outpatient care is an acceptable option for some people. However, we tend to recommend inpatient treatment for moderate to severe addiction. What is the difference? Inpatient treatment involves living in a residential facility for up to 12 weeks while treatments are being received. This kind of treatment is offered by private residential clinics throughout Gwent and the rest of the UK.

We prefer inpatient treatment for the following reasons:

  • Conducive Environment – Overcoming substance abuse or addiction is difficult enough without the distractions of home. Inpatient treatment provides a distraction-free environment that is conducive to a faster recovery. Without distraction, the addict is free to concentrate all of his/her thoughts and energy on getting well.
  • Concentrated Care – The typical outpatient clinic represents just a small portion of what the NHS does. As such, treatment providers are not as capable of concentrating all of their efforts on addiction recovery. The same is not true for residential clinics. Because addiction recovery is all they do, all of their resources are concentrated on that one area.
  • Proven Results – Over the years, inpatient treatment has proved successful for countless numbers of recovering addicts. As far as we are concerned, the results are what matter. We want to point our clients in the direction of treatments that work. Residential rehab fits that bill.

The one downside to inpatient treatment is that it is not free. Treatment at a basic, no-frills clinic can cost a few thousand pounds while a top-of-the-line luxury clinic can cost a lot more. The treatment fees involved in inpatient rehab go to pay for:

  • room and board
  • food and meal preparation
  • facilities upkeep
  • housekeeping and maintenance
  • prescription medications
  • medical equipment
  • doctors, nurses, therapists, and support staff.

Please know that there are multiple ways to pay for private treatment. Rehab clinics accept private health insurance, credit cards, and cash; some may even offer payment plans under certain limited circumstances. If you truly desire to beat your alcohol or drug addiction, a way to pay for it can be found.

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Addiction Helper is truly concerned about your health and well-being. Our free and confidential services in Gwent are designed to come alongside you and connect you with a rehab clinic or treatment provider that suits your circumstances and needs. Unfortunately, we cannot help you if you do not contact us first.

We have tried to make getting in touch with us as simple as possible. You can call us on our free telephone, send us a text message, use our live chat function, or send an inquiry using our contact page. The most important thing is that you choose one today. Now is the time to seek out the treatment you need to overcome drugs or alcohol. Remember, your addiction will not go away on its own. You need professional treatment provided by experienced doctors, nurses, therapists, and counsellors.