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Alcohol and drug recovery based on the 12-step model tends to be the standard here in the UK and North America. In fact, we can help you find 12-step alcohol and drug rehab in Trafford. You need only contact us on or 24-hour helpline. After a brief assessment of your situation and some additional questions designed to help us understand what you’re looking for, we can offer you a list of appropriate rehab facilities that we believe would suit your needs.

If you are not quite ready to contact us, take a few minutes to read through this explanation of 12-step recovery. The 12-step model has been used around the world for both alcohol and drugs for nearly 80 years now. It may be the perfect treatment model for you. If not, there are other options for drug and alcohol rehab in Trafford.

The History of 12-Step Rehab

Many people associate 12-step rehab with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). There is good reason for that. The 12-step model was created by the two original founders of AA. Those men, Bill Wilson and Bob Smith, were both alcoholics in desperate need of help in the mid-1930s. Wilson’s journey took him to the Oxford Groups, a self-help group that greatly influenced Wilson and Smith in the creation of AA.

AA was founded as a support group that went above and beyond the alcohol question to address the issue of personal responsibility. Both Wilson and Smith understood that in order for an alcoholic to fully overcome his or her drinking behaviours, personal decisions and commitments would have to be made. Those decisions and commitments require the acceptance of personal responsibility.

From that understanding came the 12-step model we know of today. The 12 steps are designed to encourage those in recovery to take ownership of the past, present and future. It encourages them to recognise they have a responsibility not only to themselves, but to others as well.

AA’s 12-step model proved so successful that other groups began asking permission to use the model. Some of those groups did things the same way AA did them; others chose to modify the 12-steps to better fit the way they did things. At any rate, the 12-step model continued to grow and expand to become the most widely used model today.

12-Step Alcohol Rehab in Trafford

A person in need of alcohol rehab in Trafford can seek treatment from a facility that uses the 12-step model or one that does not. It’s entirely up to the individual. But it’s only fair to warn our readers that the number of clinics using the 12-step model is significantly greater.

The typical 12-step alcohol recovery program begins with detox before moving into psychotherapeutic treatments that include group sessions. The group sessions are foundational to the 12-step method. Why? Because group sessions provide the accountability that is so critical to 12-step recovery. In these sessions, patients are expected to openly and honestly address their thoughts and emotions in order to support one another through the recovery process.

Following formal treatment, it is expected that the recovering alcoholic will continue with group support by joining a local AA group or a similar organisation. Clients can participate in the group only until aftercare services are finished or well beyond. Some continue to participate for the rest of their lives to help other people passing through.

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12-Step Drug Rehab in Trafford

Drug rehab in Trafford can follow the same 12-step method modified slightly to account for the differences between various drugs. Bear in mind that treatment for heroin might be slightly different than comparable treatment for cocaine given that the two drugs affect the mind differently. But the treatments will be similar enough that both can benefit from 12-step recovery.

As a side note, the predecessor to Narcanon (Narcotics Anonymous) was among the first drug-related support groups to ask AA permission to use their 12-step model. AA granted permission in 1953.

Questions Surrounding 12-Step Recovery

Through the years, there have been plenty of challenges to the efficacy of 12-step programmes for drug and alcohol rehab. Unfortunately, no clear consensus has ever been reached due to numerous studies generating opposite results. The one thing that does seem apparent from all the research is this: 12-step recovery is usually ineffective when it is used as the only means of treating drug or alcohol addiction. In other words, just like most addicts cannot fully recover with detox alone, they also cannot recover with group support participation alone.

12-step recovery works best when it is used in conjunction with professional treatment and aftercare services. This makes perfect sense. Why? Because substance abuse and addiction affect the body, mind and spirit. 12-step counselling and support only address the mind and, in some cases, the spirit. It does nothing for the body. Only complete abstinence makes it possible to overcome physical addiction. More often than not, total abstinence is only successful after medically supervised detox.

This is not to say that it is totally impossible to overcome substance abuse and addiction through 12-step participation alone. Anything is possible. Our point is to simply illustrate that overcoming drug or alcohol problems without professional medical treatment is not the norm.

Let Us Help You Locate Rehab in Trafford

Hopefully, you now understand more about 12-step rehab than you understood before. If you still have questions, one of our counsellors would be happy to answer them for you. You can connect to a counsellor by calling our 24-hour helpline at your convenience.

That aside, do you need help locating rehab in Trafford? If so, you have come to the right place. Addiction Helper is an advice and referral service specialising in drug and alcohol rehab. We have access to residential clinics, support groups, counsellors, and other service providers throughout Trafford and the rest of the UK. Please note that all our services are free and confidential. You have nothing to lose by reaching out.

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