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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres in Tameside

If you were to call us looking for alcohol or drug rehab in Tameside, one of our counsellors would be able to offer you several different options. Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to choose between rural and urban settings. Of course, you might wonder whether one is better than the other. That is the topic we will address in this article.

There are good things to say about both rural and urban rehab. In other words, both have their pros and cons. It is not a matter of one option always being better than the other. In fact, alcohol and drug rehab in Tameside are very personal things. Our goal at Addiction Helper is to match you with the rehab facility that is best suited to your needs. If an urban setting would be better for you, that’s fine. If your chances of recovery are better at a rural facility, we would be sure to recommend that option.

Things to Know about Rural Drug Rehab in Tameside

A rural rehab facility is one that is located out in the country, far enough away from cities and towns to be away from all the action they generate. Being that Tameside is part of the Greater Manchester Metropolitan area, it is important to have rural options.

The main advantage of a rural rehab is one of separation. In other words, step back a minute and try to imagine what a country environment might be like for drug and alcohol rehab. Rural rehab clinics tend to be located on properties with plenty of open space. They have a tendency to be quiet, peaceful environments offering patients plenty of room to walk, talk, and reflect.

As you might imagine, there are quite a few benefits to this kind of environment:

  • Fewer distractions
  • Open spaces for quiet introspection
  • Plenty of space for family visits
  • More space for extra amenities.

Along the lines of extra amenities, think things such as exercise rooms and swimming pools. Some rural rehab facilities even have extra space for animals that might be used in therapy sessions. Horses are a very good example. Equine therapy works very well for some people, but you have to have the space to make it work.

Things to Know about Urban Alcohol Rehab in Tameside

An urban rehab facility is one that is located within the confines of a city or town. There certainly is no shortage of these kinds of facilities in cities as large as Manchester. The primary advantage of an urban centre is that it gives operators access to other amenities they may not be able to provide on-site.

Family visits may be easier to facilitate in an urban environment due to access the public transportation. Getting out to the country can be considerably more difficult for families without a reliable car.

Yet another advantage of urban rehab is the accessibility of jobs. Imagine someone undergoing alcohol rehab in Tameside who would really benefit from a transitional job during the last few weeks of treatment. Jobs are a lot easier to arrange in metropolitan environments as opposed to rural ones.

Things to Know about Accommodations and Facilities

You now have a basic understanding of some of the advantages of both urban and rural rehab. Now let us talk about accommodations and facilities. Accommodations can be offered under one of three options: shared, semi-private and private. Shared accommodations usually involve dormitories that sleep multiple patients. Semi-private accommodations typically limit shared rooms to no more than two patients while private accommodations mean one person per room. There is no set rule for how accommodations are offered in rural and urban rehab centres.

Where facilities are concerned, location does play a greater role. Rural rehab centres are more likely to include all their facilities on-site. Some clinics may have a single building that houses both living accommodations and treatment facilities. Another rehab clinic might have separate structures. Living accommodations could be located in one building while treatment rooms and counselling offices are located in a neighbouring building.

When it is important to a client to have everything on the same site, rural rehab in Tameside is a better option. If on-site treatment is not necessarily a priority, there may be benefits to urban rehab that the client might find more attractive.

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We Can Help You Find the Right Rehab in Tameside

We understand that you might find all this confusing. That is normal. It is not easy to keep track of so many options for residential rehab. But that’s why Addiction Helpful exists. We are an organisation with the primary mission of working with substance abusers and their families to find the best possible rehab solutions.

We work with a full range of residential clinics in the greater Tameside area, as well as the rest of the UK. If there is a residential facility offering services in the area, we know about it. You can avoid having to do all the research on your own simply by taking advantage of our free and confidential services.

Locating the right rehab is a matter of assessing your circumstances and understanding your needs and preferences. When you contact us on our 24-hour helpline, we will endeavour to do just that. We will offer you:

  • a comprehensive assessment of your current condition;
  • an assessment of your history and family situation;
  • an assessment of your needs, preferences and budget; and
  • a comprehensive list of appropriate treatment facilities in your area.

We promise that you will ultimately be able to choose if and when you receive treatment. We understand that drug and alcohol treatment is a very personal thing that must be left to the client. Our commitment to you is to assist in any way we can within the scope of our mission. For more information about rural and urban rehab in Tameside, feel free to contact Addiction Helper at any time.

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