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Overcoming a substance abuse problem is often referred to as a journey. That’s because substance abusers seldom fully recover with just a 5-7-day detox treatment. Most need weeks of rehabilitative counselling followed by several months of aftercare services after formal drug or alcohol rehab in Oldham. In this article, we will discuss the aftercare portion of the rehab journey in more detail.

As we get started, we invite you to contact us right away if you are in need of alcohol or drug rehab in Oldham. We have access to a full list of treatment providers capable of meeting your needs. It’s simply a matter of assessing your situation and connecting you with the most appropriate treatment facility.

Please note that we should be able to connect you with a residential rehab facility that offers aftercare as part of the total cost of treatment. Should that not be possible in your case, we can still direct you to counsellors, support groups and others who can help you with aftercare.

Formal Rehab in Oldham Just the Start

Formal rehab for both drugs and alcohol consists of detox, psychotherapeutic treatments, and a variety of life skills training that prepares substance abusers to reintegrate into everyday life. But formal rehab is just the start. The treatments received at a residential rehab facility are critical in that they help to break the bonds of addiction and substance abuse. But no patient can remain a resident of a rehab clinic permanently. At some point, patients must go home.

The point at which formal rehab ends is the point at which aftercare begins. Aftercare is based on the understanding that the first 12 months following formal rehab are critical in terms of relapse. Recovering substance abusers who can make it past the first year without relapse are significantly more likely to achieve permanent abstinence. In that sense, aftercare can be a journey all by itself. It is certainly a critical part of drug and alcohol rehab in Oldham.

Is Aftercare Essential to Drug Rehab in Oldham?

Clients often want to know if aftercare is an essential part of the recovery equation. In essence, are they required to participate in aftercare? The answer is ‘no’. Treatment providers will strongly urge clients to participate in aftercare services, but they can never force participation. Only those willing to voluntarily take part will truly benefit from aftercare anyway.

What Are Aftercare Services Like?

The recovering addict who successfully completes a residential treatment programme will already have a very good idea of what aftercare is like when services initially began. That’s because aftercare is really just an extension of residential rehab. A typical aftercare programme includes:

  • Support Group Participation – Support groups like AA and NA exist to provide the support clients need to succeed. Groups typically hold weekly meetings that may or may not include educational opportunities and leisure activities.
  • Ongoing Counselling – Continual counselling is a critical component of aftercare. Participants can receive both one-on-one and group counselling as needed.
  • Ongoing Health Monitoring – There are some addictive substances that can do significant damage to the mind and body. In cases where professionals deem it necessary, recovering addicts are continually monitored for physical and mental health complications.
  • Skills Training – Skills training is another big part of aftercare for a lot of treatment providers. This training involves two kinds of skills: behavioural skills meant to prevent relapse and practical skills necessary for everyday living.
  • Job Training and Placement – Though not every rehab treatment provider offers job training and placement, some do. Patients might be put in temporary jobs after leaving formal rehab so they can learn important skills that will make them more employable in the future.

The key to successful aftercare is immediately getting involved as soon as formal treatment is complete. Patients willing to immediately access aftercare services and stick with them through their conclusion are in a much better position to avoid relapse through the one-year mark. In fact, statistics show that relapse at the one-year mark is less common among recovering substance abusers who receive appropriate aftercare.

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Is AA Involved in Alcohol Rehab in Oldham?

AA is the world’s largest support group organisation for recovering alcoholics. They have been around since the 1930s. Though they seldom get directly involved in rehab efforts conducted within a local residential facility, they are always willing and ready to welcome recovering alcoholics who have completed formal treatment.

We believe alcohol rehab in Oldham is enhanced tremendously by the support AA provides. In fact, the AA model has proven so successful that dozens of similar organisations around the world have adopted their principles. Are you familiar with the 12-step process of drug and alcohol recovery? That process is the brainchild of AA’s original founders.

Can You Succeed without Aftercare?

We don’t want to give the impression that it is impossible to fully recover from drugs or alcohol without aftercare. That is certainly not the case. We simply want to illustrate that aftercare is meant to complete the recovery process by providing additional services after formal rehab is complete.

If you need drug or alcohol rehab in Oldham, we believe you will do much better by participating in aftercare once you leave your residential treatment facility. You will do better by participating in a local support group; you will get stronger by engaging with one-on-one counselling; your physical and mental health will improve by continuing to undergo medical and psychological evaluations.

In short, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to go through a 12-week drug or alcohol rehab programme and not follow-up with aftercare. Why not avail yourself of additional services that can help prevent relapse?

For more information about aftercare or formal rehab in Oldham, please feel free to contact Addiction Helper at any time. Our 24-hour helpline is staffed by trained, professional counsellors with both the knowledge and experience to answer any questions you might have.

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