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The assumption that addiction does not affect those from affluent areas such as Bramhall is a common one. However, you will know that this is not the case. Addiction occurs in all areas of the UK and is not reserved for those from a specific background or area. The reality is that both drug and alcohol rehab in Bramhall is as necessary as it is anywhere else in the UK.

Negative stereotyping of addiction can prevent people from reaching out for alcohol or drug rehab in Bramhall. Those affected by this illness often cannot see how serious their situation is because in their own mind, they are far from the profile of the typical addict. They do not believe they have a problem that warrants professional help. Indeed, they see other people as addicts and not themselves.

It is worth remembering that not all addicts act and look a certain way. For example, not all alcoholics drink from the moment they wake up, and they do not all drink cheap spirits. Similarly, not all drug addicts take illegal substances such as cocaine or heroin. Most addicts are high-functioning and just like everyone else. They have loving families and nice homes, and many are holding down jobs and managing to earn an income. The only thing that they have in common is a need for help to get better. With that in mind, we want to remind you that rehab in Bramhall is available, should you need it.

Why Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Bramhall?

Coming to terms with the fact that alcohol or drug use has spiralled out of control is never easy. If you are finding it hard to quit a mood-altering substance, it could be because you have developed a physical dependence on it. This is not something that happens overnight, so it is common for people not to realise that there is an issue until they try to quit and find that they cannot.

If you have tried to quit or cut back on your substance use but have found yourself continuously going back to it, it may be that you have a problem that requires help. Think about your substance use in recent times and whether you have been drinking more alcohol than you used to or have been using drugs more frequently. If so, then alcohol or drug rehab in Bramhall could be something you need.

To know for sure if you require help, please contact us here at Addiction Helper today. We are a free referral service whose job it is to connect those in need of drug or alcohol rehab in Bramhall with those facilities and organisations that provide it.

If you are still unsure of your need for professional help, we can provide a free assessment that will allow us to determine if you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. The questions we ask and the answers you provide will help us to gauge the level of severity of your illness. From this, we can recommend a suitable provider of detox and rehabilitation should you need it.

What’s the Difference Between Detox and Rehab?

There is often confusion between detox and rehab, with some people believing these to be one and the same. The reality is that both detox and rehabilitation are required by those with a physical addiction to drugs or alcohol. Detox is the process that is designed to break the physical addiction and is not the same as treatment for the emotional or psychological issues relating to the illness.

With a programme of detox, the bond between you and the substance you have been abusing will be broken. The process will begin when you quit alcohol or drugs. Your body will realise that the normal dose of this substance is not arriving and it will react by trying to get rid of any chemicals or toxins that remain after years of abuse.

As it does this, you will probably experience withdrawal symptoms, and these could be mild to severe in intensity, depending on the type of substance you were abusing, your overall health and how long you were addicted for. We would recommend that you consider detoxing in a supervised facility as you will be carefully monitored throughout the entire process to ensure your comfort and safety.

Rehabilitation programmes are different from detox. This is a more complex process and is designed to tackle the psychological addiction. The temptation to quit the process after detox is often present because many people believe they are cured once they no longer have a desire to take drugs or alcohol. However, these feelings are usually temporary and cravings often return.

With a programme of rehabilitation, the issues that caused the addiction in the first place can be addressed. This is essential in terms of preventing relapse going forward. You will also learn vital skills to help you cope with everyday life.

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What Aftercare Options Do You Have in Bramhall?

When your programme of rehab in Bramhall comes to an end, you will be expected to return to normal everyday living. However, this can be a time where recovering addicts are vulnerable to a relapse, particularly for those who were being treated in a residential clinic. Moving from a fully supportive environment to independent sober living can be a daunting prospect, but it does not have to be.

Aftercare is an important part of the recovery process and is included with most rehab programmes. It means that the move is far less traumatic and that the patient still has access to his or her counsellor or therapist.

Aftercare could mean regular sessions with a counsellor or it could mean phone contact as and when needed. Nevertheless, in addition to aftercare provided with a rehab programme, you will usually be encouraged to get involved with a local fellowship support group such as Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous. These fellowship support groups have helped millions of people around the world to maintain their sobriety through regular meetings with other recovering addicts where stories and experiences are shared.

For more information about addiction and how to overcome it, please call Addiction Helper’s dedicated helpline today. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via this website and we will contact you.

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