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It is often said that alcoholism and drug addiction are family problems. Why? Because most people dealing with substance abuse and addiction routinely subject family members to the consequences of their addictive behaviour. This is why clinics offering drug rehab in Altrincham make every effort to also provide family assistance in addition to individual treatment.

Family assistance can come in many forms, some of which will be discussed here. The most important thing to know is that families living with alcoholics or drug addicts don’t need to go it alone. There are people ready and waiting to help. Family members need only reach out by contacting an organisation like Addiction Helper. We specialise in helping both individuals and families.

Is Family Counselling Part of Drug Rehab in Altrincham?

The primary focus of residential rehab clinics in Altrincham and elsewhere is one of treating the substance abuser in such a way as to promote wellness and healing. But clinics do offer support services to families as well. What those support services look like depends on the policies of individual clinics.

One example would be a clinic that offers separate counselling to family members apart from the counselling provided to the patient. Family members will be invited to attend sessions with some of the same therapists that are treating their loved one. Under this scenario, there may be times when family members are brought together with their loved one for joint counselling.

Another option is to counsel families and their loved ones together throughout the entire recovery process. Where family help is offered, this is the most common scenario. Family members visit on designated days to undergo counselling with their loved ones, and then those loved ones receive additional counselling the rest of the week.

Is the Same Assistance Available for Alcohol Rehab in Altrincham?

From a practical standpoint, drug and alcohol rehab in Altrincham are the same. The reality is that alcohol is a drug that affects lives in the same way as drugs like heroin and cocaine. We only tend to think of alcohol separately because it is a legal and socially acceptable substance. We say that to say this: the same kind of assistance to families of drug addicts is also available to families of alcoholics.

Counselling may look a little different for alcohol – because different drugs affect the mind differently – but clinics are still available to assist families in learning to cope with their alcoholic loved one and to rebuild their own lives in the process.

Are there Family Services Relating to Aftercare?

Aftercare is that collection of rehab services offered to patients after they complete their formal rehab. Services include ongoing counselling, support group membership, life skills training and, where appropriate, ongoing medical care. Please note that aftercare services are available for families as well.

There are family counsellors who specialise in drug and alcohol related issues. General counsellors can help as well, and there’s always the option of joining a support group established specifically to help the families of drug addicts and alcoholics. In short, there is an ample supply of support services for families once aftercare begins.

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How Important Are the Family Services?

We answer a lot of questions from family members living with alcoholics and drug users. One of the more common is the question of the importance of family services. People want to know whether it will truly do them good to take advantage of family counselling, group support, etc. In a single word, yes.

We opened by talking about the fact that addiction is a family problem. Now let us look at that in a little more detail. Spouses, children, and extended family members are profoundly affected by the addictive behaviour of their loved ones. For example:

  • Spouses – It is very common for spouses to feel as though they have failed the substance abuser in some way. They tend to blame themselves, then seek ways to change the addict to make him or her stop. This often breeds anger and resentment. The result is often a broken marriage relationship. Verbal and physical abuse is also possible. Spouses need professional help to work through these things.
  • Children – Children are the unforgotten victims of drug and alcohol abuse. They often bear the brunt of the addicted parent’s bad behaviour, which can include bursts of anger, verbal abuse, and even physical abuse. Children have a much more difficult time processing addiction as well. They are more likely to suffer psychologically as a result of blaming themselves.
  • Extended Family Members – Extended family members tend to suffer in a different way. Rather than living with the substance abuser on a day-to-day basis, their experience may only be occasional. Nonetheless, they have a tendency to become enablers. That is, they actually enable addictive behaviour in a sincere effort to help, then they feel guilty about it. Extended families benefit by learning how to stop enabling.

As you can see, the effects of substance abuse and addiction can affect every member of the family. That’s why it’s so important for drug and alcohol rehab in Altrincham to include spouses, children, and extended family members.

Do You Need Family Rehab in Altrincham?

If you’re researching our website because a family member is suffering from substance abuse or addiction, we want you to know that drug and alcohol rehab in Altrincham includes family services. We understand that all of you need help, not just the one using drugs or alcohol. You need only get in touch with Addiction Helper to start your own journey to recovery.

Alcohol and drug rehab in Altrincham come in many forms. We recommend residential rehab for the most serious cases; outpatient rehab and support services may be appropriate for clients with substance abuse problems that are not as severe. The only way for us to effectively recommend the best services is to speak with you first. If you’re willing to give us that opportunity, please contact us our 24-hour helpline today.

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