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When people in Stroud become ready for addiction support, it will often mean that they are about to move their life in a new more positive direction. Addiction treatment can help the individual break away from their self destructive behaviour and onwards into a new and better life. One of the most important skills that the person in Stroud will need to develop at the start of their journey into sobriety is the ability to sport the warning signs and prevent relapse. If they are unable to do this they will more easily end up on a path to disaster.

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How to Prevent Relapse

Relapse prevention is one of the key things that they will teach in all drug and rehabilitation centres. It is crucial information because the slide back into addiction can be subtle and easy to miss until it is too late. Some of the keys to relapse prevention would include:

  • It has been shown that aftercare is important for people after rehab as this can help the individual deal better with any relapse triggers. The path to relapse usually involves a process, and it is easy to stop this process at any point with the right type of help.
  • The individual must be willing to ask for help if they feel on the verge of relapse. Sometimes just talking to somebody will be enough to end the slide back to addiction. The worst thing the person can do is try to keep these feelings hidden or to try to ignore them.
  • In order to prevent relapse the individual needs to be willing to be honest – not only with other people but also with themselves. This honesty will mean that other people will be able to spot the warning signs of approaching relapse and offer help.

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