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Those people living in the south Gloucestershire town of Kingswood dealing with substance abuse and addiction issues can rest in the knowledge that there is plenty of help available. If these individuals are to break the cycle of abuse, they may need to engage the services of drug or alcohol rehab in Kingswood, but that is something that we can help with.

As a referral service, Addiction Helper works hard across the UK to make addiction services much more accessible to those who need them. We believe that no matter what a person’s circumstances or how much money he or she has, he/she should be able to access alcohol or drug rehab in Kingswood or anywhere else without any hassle.

Unfortunately, locating rehab in Kingswood is not always as simple as it might first appear. The reason for this is that most people just do not know where to look for help. Others have no idea of what their needs are and therefore struggle to know what type of programme will suit them best. It is understandable that you might face these issues – after all, if this is the first time you have sought help for addiction, you will not have any idea of what rehab programmes are like and you will probably have no clue how to find them. But that is where we come in.

Helping You Find Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Kingswood

We have built up a vast network of contacts in the addiction services field during our years in this business. We work with the NHS and have contacts in various charities, local support groups, and private clinics as well. This gives us plenty of scope when it comes to recommending drug and alcohol rehab in Kingswood and beyond.

Our mission is to make sure that anyone who contacts us can get the help he or she needs to turn their life around. We do this by providing a listening ear in the first instance. We will then offer a fully in-depth assessment of the person’s situation, during which we will gauge the level of addiction by asking questions about the type of substance being abused and how long the individual has been abusing it for.

We will then ask questions about your circumstances, health, and finances as this allows us to match the affected person with the right programme for his or her needs and situation. If we believe that he or she has a severe illness, we will likely recommend a residential programme with a private clinic. However, if the illness is not so debilitating, it might be better for the person to be treated on a day care basis with a charity organisation or NHS-run programme. All that matters to us is that the individual with the issue gets started on the journey to recovery and not who is providing the treatment.

Why a Detox is Needed Before Alcohol or Drug Rehab?

An addiction to drugs or alcohol is usually made up of two elements; a physical addiction and a psychological addiction. Most people who are addicted to these substances will be physically addicted and will therefore require a detox to break the bond they have with the substance being abused.

It is vital that the individual has a clear mind and body before even attempting to address the emotional issues associated with their illness. During alcohol or drug rehab in Kingswood and beyond, the patient will be encouraged to delve deep into their past to try to identify the issues that caused the addictive behaviour. Often, this brings painful memories to the surface and it can be a quite distressing time. That is why it is essential that there are no chemicals clouding the feelings and emotions of the individual. Most providers of rehab in Kingswood and other parts of the country will insist on a detox before starting the process of rehabilitation.

What Is Detox Like?

A detox programme is typically around one to two weeks long. It takes place in a comfortable and safe environment where fully qualified and experienced staff members are on hand to monitor the patient and ensure that he or she is completely comfortable at all times.

A detox can be complicated and there is always the risk of severe withdrawal symptoms. That is what makes detoxing under supervision essential. For the person’s safety, we would always recommend that he or she detox in a dedicated facility.

If you are such an individual, you are likely to experience a variety of symptoms, which could include sweating, shaking, headaches, nausea, and vomiting. The symptoms you experience will depend on the severity of your illness and the type of substance you were abusing. There is no way to tell how the process will go until it starts however, so a dedicated facility makes sense for everyone.

Featured Kingswood Alcohol & Drug Detox Treatment Centres

What Happens During Rehab?

When detox finishes, rehab begins. The length of a rehabilitation programme really depends on whether it is an inpatient or an outpatient programme. Inpatient programmes typically run for around six to eight weeks, but the programme can be longer if the patient’s case is more complex. This could be if he or she is struggling with a number of substance addictions or if there is a dual diagnosis involved, i.e. an addiction coupled with mental health problems. Outpatient programmes are longer because these are less intensive and there are far fewer treatment hours each week.

The aim of rehab programmes is to help the patient overcome his or her addiction by getting to the root of the problem and then teaching him or her how to avoid a return to addictive behaviour in the future. This is done though counselling and therapy sessions such as cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectic behavioural therapy, and motivational interviewing.

The patient will also learn valuable skills designed to help with integration back into society. These life and work skills can help him or her to become productive members of their community and can see them working toward achieving goals and ambitions that have been on hold for a long time.

If you would like help finding a provider of rehab in Kingswood, please call us today. Our helpline is staffed twenty-four hours a day to ensure that you have someone to talk to, whenever you are ready. Our advisors are friendly and helpful and can put you on the right track in terms of your recovery. Please call now to see how we can help you.

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