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In the small suburban town of Filton in Gloucestershire, you might not expect some of the inhabitants to be struggling with addictions to substances such as drugs or alcohol. With just over ten thousand individuals living in the town, you could be forgiven for assuming that these problems would not exist, but they do all the same. No matter where you live or what type of background you come from, you are prone to addiction if you use mood-altering substances. Although there are certain factors that make it more likely for one person to be affected than another, the only tangible way to avoid addiction is to abstain from these substances in the first place. With most UK adults drinking alcohol to some extent, and a sizeable proportion of these believing it to be harmless, it is no surprise that there is a need for alcohol rehab in Filton, just as there is everywhere else in the country.

Alcohol can be just as addictive and harmful as illegal drugs if it is abused, although most people cannot appreciate this. It is usually because alcohol is legal and is therefore seen as safe. And while there is no safe level of alcohol consumption in terms of preventing various health problems including cancer, sticking to the Government’s recommended weekly limit of 14 units is considered low risk. Nevertheless, there are many who regularly abuse alcohol, drinking well over this amount and putting their life at risk at the same time. These individuals need help just as those who are addicted to illegal drugs do. Thankfully, both alcohol and drug rehab in Filton is readily available, and by calling Addiction Helper today, you can quickly and easily access it.

Do You Need Alcohol or Drug Rehab in Filton?

One of the hardest parts of the recovery process is accepting that a problem exists and then coming to terms with the fact that help may be required to get life back on track. When it comes to addiction, a problem that might be painfully obvious to everyone else may not be so apparent for the person with the issue. This is often because the mind is so clouded by the substance being abused that it is almost impossible to see or think clearly.

Many addicts will practice denial, but this not an intentional action. It is usually because the affected person genuinely cannot see the truth of his or her situation. Denial is a part of the body’s flight or fight response to harsh situations. Rather than accept the truth and dealing with it, the addict will pretend that nothing is wrong and will carry on with his or her addictive behaviour. If nobody else brings the affected individual to account, he or she will just continue to use drugs or alcohol and life will spiral out of control for them.

If you are in danger of allowing your substance use to completely spiral out of control, we urge you to take act right now. With drug or alcohol rehab in Filton, you can look forward to a completely different life. You do not have to continue as you are now; with the right programme of rehabilitation, you can be on the way to a substance-free life in a matter of days.

How Drug or Alcohol Rehab in Filton Can Improve Your Life?

It is very likely that your substance abuse has been having a negative impact on your everyday life. Those with an addiction to alcohol or drugs find it hard to function as they once did before substance use consumed their every waking moment.

One of the biggest side effects of substance abuse and addiction is the impact that it has on mental and physical health. If you have not noticed any major health issues yet, do not be fooled into thinking you are safe. It is highly likely that damage is occurring internally; in time, you will start to see the effects of your substance abuse. In the interim, you can definitely attribute problems with sleeping and energy levels to your use of alcohol or drugs.

Another area of life where you may have already noticed issues is in relationships with loved ones. It is difficult to maintain healthy relationships with parents, children, spouses, and siblings when substance abuse so severely influences your behaviour. If you have been acting erratically and breaking promises, then your loved ones are no doubt feeling upset or even angry with you.

Your financial situation might also have taken a hit as you struggle to fund your growing habit. This is not uncommon. As well as funding the addiction, you will find that your ability to earn an income diminishes, which will only get worse as the illness progresses. Without rehab in Filton, you will struggle to get your life back where you want it to be. The good news is that when you access a programme of alcohol or drug rehab in Filton or the surrounding area, you can start to put things right. Your health will start to improve when you are no longer abusing drugs or alcohol, and you will learn how to rebuild bridges with family members and friends. Your financial situation will also start to as you learn valuable work and life skills to help you return to the workforce and become a productive member of society.

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