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The issue of substance abuse and addiction is one that affects many individuals living in Cheltenham, just as it does people living in other parts of the UK. With drugs and alcohol often responsible for illness, injuries, and violent crimes, it is hardly surprising that entire communities can be affected. It is also no surprise to learn that the cost of treating and policing addiction-related illnesses and incidents costs the economy billions of pounds every single year. Services such as drug and alcohol rehab in Cheltenham are therefore extremely important to help fight this issue.

It is easy for those who have never been touched by addiction to assume the negative effects are reserved for the person who abuses the substance, but this is rarely the case. Imagine a family where all members were getting on with their lives while interacting with each other socially. Now imagine that same family when one member becomes embroiled in a destructive illness like addiction. Can you really picture the other members of the family being unaffected? Addiction is not known as a family illness for nothing. It is a devastating problem that tears families apart; as such, both alcohol and drug rehab in Cheltenham are vital to the survival of many family units.

The effects of substance abuse and addiction are many. In addition to the many health problems that the user will inevitably suffer, there are other areas of his or her life that will be negatively impacted. Take relationships with loved ones as an example. Family members will often react by trying to help their addicted loved one. But the whole dynamic of their relationship will change. The addict will do almost anything to get the drug or alcohol that he or she craves and if this means lying and cheating to a loved one, then so be it. The hurt and devastation that this can cause to family members can eventually tear them apart.

Could Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cheltenham Change Your Life?

Has your life changed dramatically in recent years? Is this down to the fact that you or someone you love has been abusing a mood-altering chemical substance? If so, your life has almost certainly been negatively affected; it is just not possible to abuse these substances without feeling the effects. Users will almost certainly suffer both mental and physical health issues as a result.

In the beginning, the affected individual might not realise that his or her poor sleeping habits or loss of appetite is down to the substance he or she is abusing, but over time, these issues may be the least of their worries. He or she might go on to develop heart, liver, or kidney problems, or the person could even be struck with some forms of cancer, all of which could be avoided.

Think about the benefits of a substance-free life if you are an affected individual. Without the need for alcohol or drugs, you could wake up each day wondering what to do without worrying about where you are going to get your next drink or your next fix. You could make plans with those you love. You could even think about a return to work or education so that you can start providing for your family once more and make amends for the damage you have caused up to now.

Make today the day that you reach out for drug or alcohol rehab in Cheltenham or the surrounding area. It could change your life dramatically.

Do You Need to Detox before Alcohol or Drug Rehab?

If you are physically addicted to drugs or alcohol then you will need to break free from their grip before you can begin a programme of alcohol or drug rehab in Cheltenham. You can tell if you have a physical dependence by the presence of withdrawal symptoms whenever you are in need of these substances. If you suffer with headaches, vomiting, nausea, sweating, or shaking when the effects of the substance you use wear off, you almost certainly need a detox.

A detox is designed to break the physical bond between the user and the substance to which he or she is addicted. However, because it can be complicated to withdraw from drugs or alcohol, we always advise that you consider detoxing in a supervised facility. In such a facility, you will be monitored by professionals throughout the process. You will also be provided with medication or nutritional supplements, if appropriate, to ease any withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing. Most experts agree that a detox facility with medical professionals on hand is the safest and most comfortable place to detox from alcohol or drugs.

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What Is Available at Rehab Clinics in Cheltenham?

After detox comes the process of rehabilitation, which is a similar process no matter where you live in the UK. Rehab in Cheltenham, like everywhere else, is offered by various organisations including private clinics, charities, local support groups, and the NHS.

Knowing which provider to choose can be difficult for those with no experience of addiction services, but that is where we can help. We will assess your need for addiction and gauge the severity of your illness. We can then advise you on whether you would be better off with an inpatient or outpatient programme.

It is worth noting that most inpatient programmes in the United Kingdom are provided by private clinics. The NHS usually offers outpatient therapy for those with addiction, but these programmes are in huge demand and there are waiting lists for treatment. Unfortunately, it is the same situation for many charity organisations as well. The fact is, if you do not wish to pay for addiction treatment, you are likely to be left waiting until a place becomes available.

If you want to get started on the road to recovery as soon as you have accepted your need for help, then a private clinic is the obvious choice. Although there is a cost involved, you will usually find that you recoup these costs pretty quickly once you are sober and no longer spending your money on your drug of choice. What you should also know is that there are a number of private clinics in and around Cheltenham that want to help patients with the cost of treatment by providing payment plans to spread the cost. For more information on this or anything else discussed in this article, please call us today via our dedicated 24-hour helpline.

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