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It is not only the tough periods that can trip people up in recovery from addiction. In some cases the individual may be tempted to relapse even though their life is going really well. One of the hurdles that some people will need to get through in early recovery will be the pink cloud. This is when the individual will be feeling really good, but there can be dangers associated with this. It is important that people in Bristol receiving treatment for alcohol or drug abuse are aware of the pink cloud so that it does not cause them problems.

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Pink Cloud Symptoms Explained

It probably sounds strange to claim that feeling really good in recovery can have some negative implications. After all, the reason why the individual will have broken away from addiction is that it was making their life miserable. It seems strange to suggest that they need to be careful about feeling good now. It is certainly not being suggested that feeling good in recovery is a bad thing but feeling too high may be dangerous because:

  • The individual can feel so good that they begin to believe that they are cured. This means that they stop doing the things they have been doing that has been keeping them sober.
  • The person will usually associate being on top of the world with alcohol and drug abuse. This means that they may be tempted to use again to add to the experience.
  • When the individual comes down after the high of a pink cloud they can feel disappointed and disillusioned. They can then use this as an excuse to relapse.

If people in Bristol are aware of the dangers of the pink cloud they will be less likely to fall victim to it. This will mean that they can enjoy their new life in safety.

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