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It is a real shame but people can put a good deal of effort into getting sober, but they still fail to find happiness in life. In some cases the individual can be physically sober, but they still behave in much the same way as they did in the midst of their addiction – this is sometimes referred to as dry drunk syndrome. In most cases there will be simple reasons for why the individual is living a less than ideal life in recovery. It is important that anyone in Bridgend who is in early recovery is aware of these reasons so that they can be avoided.

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Reasons for Why People Fail to Find Happiness in Recovery

Even if the person has attended a rehabilitation centre they can still go wrong in early recovery. This is because the best rehab in the world cannot make the person do the right things – the best they can do is offer is provide the individual with the resources needed for success. The most common reasons for why people in recovery fail would include:

  • The person views their recovery as something to be endured and not something to be enjoyed. The right attitude is vital in recovery, and by holding this type of attitude the individual is asking to be miserable.
  • Some people believe that by stopping drinking or using drugs they have already done enough. This is rarely the case as more work will be required.
  • The individual has allowed themselves to fall into the trap of negative thinking. This is impacting their ability to find happiness in recovery.
  • The person is continuing to engage in maladaptive behaviours even though they are not drinking or using drugs.

Those individuals in Bridgend who are in early recovery will want to avoid these common mistakes. Attitude is vital to success.

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