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One of the things that people will need to be careful of when they first become sober is their emotions.  It is not only the negative emotions that can prove tricky but also the extremely positive ones. What is being referred to here is a type of problem that can occur in early recovery known as pink could syndrome. This is something that can get in the way of addiction treatment, and those who are experiencing it will need to be careful. Those individuals in St Asaph who are in the process (or on the verge of) addiction recovery need to be aware of this phenomena.

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Pink Cloud Syndrome Explained

Pink cloud syndrome might seem like not much of a problem. After all it means that the individual is extremely happy and positive about the future. The problem with this type of high emotion though is that it can lead the person into difficulties such as:

  • The individual can be feeling so good that they begin to think that they are cured. This means that they stop doing the things they need to do in order to remain sober.
  • Another problem with the pink cloud is that when it ends (which it always does) the individual can hit the ground with a bang. This sudden change in their mood can be hard to deal with and the individual will be tempted to turn to alcohol or drugs for solace.
  • People who abuse alcohol or drugs will do it to celebrate as well as drown their sorrows. The fact that they are now feeling so good may get them thinking of how these substances might make things ever better.

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