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There are some people who seem to be more prone to addiction than others. This may be partly due to genetics, but there also seems to be an addictive personality that makes the individual more likely to develop this type of problem. Understanding the characteristics of the addictive personality can be helpful for those people in Prestatyn who are trying to overcome substance abuse problems.

The Addictive Personality

It is important to keep in mind that the theory of the addictive personality is not an exact science. It just refers to a number of character traits that addicts tend to share. When the individual becomes sober they can continue to suffer because of these flaws, and this is why spending time in an addiction treatment facility can be such a great option. The traits involved in the addictive personality include:

  • The individual likes to take risks
  • They are prone to acting in impulsive ways
  • They find it hard to delay gratification
  • They have a feeling of alienation from society
  • They have a high tolerance for deviant behaviour
  • The individual has low self esteem
  • They distrust authority figures
  • The individual may be demand resistant – they fight against being told what to do.
  • They engage in attention seeking behaviour
  • They can be highly manipulative.
  • The admire people who rebel against society
  • The individual subjectively believes that they have a high degree of stress in their life
  • They have a negative attitude and tend to be cynical

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Not every substance abuser will have all of these symptoms of the addictive personality, but they are likely to have at least some of them. This is why it can be so important for them to deal with these issues in rehab. People in Prestatyn who want to find out more about their addiction treatment options should contact us here.

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