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There are different ways that people can sabotage their own recovery from addiction. It is important that those of us in Connah’s Quay who are intending to break away from substance abuse are aware of these dangers so that we can avoid them. One of the most common reasons for why people will fail in recovery is that they will develop dry drunk syndrome – this is a syndrome that can impact all addicts and not just alcoholics. Basically what happens with dry drunk is that the individual is physically sober but in other ways they are behaving in much the same way as they did in the midst of addiction. It is vital that people in Connah’s Quay who are trying to recover from an addiction are aware of the symptoms of dry drunk so they can avoid it.

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The Symptoms of Dry Drunk Syndrome

It is possible for people to begin to develop the symptoms of dry drunk syndrome while they are at the very beginning of recovery or later on. The symptoms involved will include:

  • Although the person is physically sober they are behaving badly. This may include things like lying, cheating, or manipulative behaviour.
  • The individual is treating life in recovery as a type of prison sentence. They believe that they are being deprived the one thing in life that makes them happy.
  • The dry drunk tends to be constantly negative about things. No matter how well things are going for them they will find a reason to be miserable.
  • This person will be resistant to any new ideas and will generally hold a cynical attitude. This means that even if they agree to go to drug or alcohol treatment centres they will be unlikely to benefit much for the experience. The dry drunk believes that they already have all the answers so they are not willing to learn.

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