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Some people refer to the early weeks and months of recovery as an emotional rollercoaster. What this means is that the individual can find that their emotions are all over the place. They can feel full of joy and happiness one minute and down in the dumps the next. These mood swings are common in recovery, and they are not something to worry about too much so long as the individual is prepared for them. The real problems occur when people are not ready for these mood swings and they become overwhelmed by them. This is why it is so important that people in St Andrews who are trying to overcome an addiction know what to expect in recovery so that they are prepared for the challenges that come their way. Probably the best place to get this preparation will be in an alcohol or drug treatment centre.

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How to Deal with the Recovery Emotional Rollercoaster

Here are a few ideas for how people in St Andrews who are in recovery can learn how to deal with the emotional rollercoaster of early recovery:

  • The first step to dealing with this problem is to be aware of why it is happening. For years the person will have probably been numbing their emotions with alcohol or drugs, and there can be a rebound effect in early sobriety. Another reason for why it occurs is the challenges of addiction treatment which involve many changes. Knowing that these mood swings are normal can help the person deal with them.
  • Talking about how they are feeling is important because this will keep the individual grounded. The worst thing that the individual can do is to isolate and try to sit with their emotions. The problem is that they can become overwhelmed and then use this as an excuse to relapse.

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