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It is possible for people to give up alcohol and drugs yet still continue to struggle in life. The individual may be physically sober but in many respects they are still behaving in much the same way as always. This type of situation is sometimes referred to as dry drunk syndrome, and it can apply to all type of people recovering from substance abuse problems and not just alcoholics. It is vital that anyone in Dunfermline who is trying to break away from addiction is able to spot the symptoms of dry drunk syndrome as this is something that can really hold them back or most cause them to relapse.

The Symptoms of Dry Drunk Syndrome

If people are dealing with dry drunk syndrome they will usually have a number of symptoms and these can include:

  • The individual is constantly negative about things. They are sober but they don’t seem to find any enjoyment in this.
  • The individual is treating their sobriety as if they were serving a prison sentence. They act as if staying sober is a real chore instead of the joy that it should be.
  • The person is physically sober but they still continue to behave in ways that are a bit unacceptable.
  • The individual continues to be dishonest.
  • They are cynical about recovery
  • The individual is pessimistic about the future.
  • They do not seem to be making any progress in recovery.

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Dry drunk syndrome can make life miserable for people in Dunfermline who are dealing with addiction so it is best that they escape it. One way to prevent it from occurring in the first places is by being aware of it. This is the type of knowledge that people gain when they attend drug and alcohol rehab and receive drug counselling and learn new skills.

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